Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31st-

I am taking this from It's Just me, Drazil and Sheniqua's blog BYOC (bring your own crazy)- I tried to figure out how to link with this, but I am a computer moron. But here is what I got.
1. Do I believe in God? Absolutely! I was brought up by a hippy loven care-free momma who brought me to a Unitarian Society, I was never baptised as a child so when my 1st born was to be baptised and I couldn't attend because I hadn't been baptised...I got baptised with him; Russian Orthodox, I brought my elder children to that same Unitarian Society, married a "no longer" Jewish man, left the society when the pastor passed away and I began to feel the need for some spiritual guidance (lacking at the Unitarian (church). I tried several Church's, tended to favor Baptist. Today, I believe in God, I do not quite understand fully his wonder and I am not as committed to learning and believing as I would like to be. I still have questions. I do believe that there has to be someone; whom I choose to believe is God take has guided me on my path of life.
If considered socially acceptable would I stop shaving/waxing? In a heart beat, I hate shaving. But I think after awhile, when I start to look like a gorilla, I'd start shaving anyway.
How often do I weigh myself? Almost daily, gotta be naked preferably after using the toilet!( All ounces count).
When was the last time I admitted I was wrong? I don't struggle with this one, except when it is a stand off with the hubby. I'll admit when I'm wrong.....when or IF that ever happens.
How was my week? Well, if you've read any of my previous posts you'll know....It wasn't that great except for Monday...and I wasn't working. Now I'm wishing I won the mega millions and that the boys (including hubby) wanted to do anything but play x-box and watch TV....why does the weather have to be so cold? I was really looking forward to taking a hike or something today outdoors. took the dog for a walk and realized that the sun peeking out is only a smoke screen, It's really chilly....Maybe I will do some crafting. My girlfriend sent out graduation announcements for her son and paid some outrageous amount for the invites. Guess I could pull off my own and host a little gala for my big boys grad, maybe I'll do that. Maybe I'll host a game night this I'm not feeling TOTALLY sluggish, or maybe, just maybe I'll Nestle down with the hubby and watch The girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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