Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th 2012

TG it's payday!!!! I am very proud of myself this am. Although it was terribly difficult I made it through the whole day with out a hitch. A little disappointed that my walk (basically around the block) killed my back...(another reason to loose this weight), but I refused to come home eat some junk and sit on my duff, so I raked, cleaned and took a walk. The walk was really a BIG wake up call. I guess I knew that the extra weight on my back was an issue since the last time I tried to do Zumba with the girls it was hurting, but to struggle with it during a walk around the block. (The blocks are big around here, but really shouldnt be a problem). That really hit home. And to think that I was all geared up to do the three mile Folk march this weekend. I wouldnt have made the first mile. Well instead of putting me into a funk, I am going to just keep at it until I can walk, run, dance, zumba, bike without any back pain. In addition to actually moving my body, I was very careful about what I ate. I'll admit I had a hard time of it. I had initially decided to hit the gym right after work, but the weather was so nice I could'nt waste such a beautiful day inside, so i came home and decided to rake....but when I ran out of containers to put the leaves and debree in, I struggled with what to do with myself.....old habits diehard and I was ready to munch on something....anything. I forced myself to do anything but. Dinner was not a dieters dream, but it was much better then the crap I have been shoveling down my throat. I am realizing just how bad my routine was and can now start to see why things have gotten to where they are. I guess I just kept thinking that I was not living a life of such bad habits, but with the back pain and the real struggle I had to find something to do with myself other then eat, TV and computer...the reality hit me pretty damn hard. I'm gonna have to come up with some activities to keep myself in action during those times when in the past were spent doing nothing. The house can always be cleaned, and there are pleanty of rooms (basement, garage, yardwork (now that the snow has left) to clean. I have decided that I will be either going to the gym after work or coming home and attacking some area of the house to clean up. tonight is family night at the gym so we've all planned to go there and work out. I am also gonna commit to walking at leasts once a day. On the way home tonight gonna stop and get some lawn bags, and finnish up the raking. Took a quick stop here to shower and check the scale. Down six pounds since I first got brave and took at the numbers on the scales. Not bad for three days. I'm not allowing myself to get excited quite yet cauz I know that this is just a jump start to a long slow, difficult, downward decline. Slow and steady is not a weight loss tactic I have been good at, so I have to just take this one day at a time and keep focused on this moment right now. Off to finnish up the morning routine, get the little man rollin, push the girl out the door....she's gally lagging and has clinical today. Today is my down day at work with no demands just paperwork so it should be pretty easy. A little worried about MI supervision today...they always get pizza for lunch.....(it's not like its even great tasting pizza either......gonna have to AVOID that like the plaque....maybe if I come in late there will only be the nasty pieces left and it will be easier to pass on it. Or f i'm really havin a hard time of it....maybe I'll just not go all together.)

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