Monday, March 5, 2012

march 5th, 2012

Missed this yesterday, infact I wasn't even really on the computer at all yesterday. I spent most of the day crafting and made several layouts. Then I cleaned out the scrap/diningroom area. The cleaning part took most of yesterday. We or should I say, I have so much stuff. There is stuff here, stuff there, stuff everywhere. ( And then I'll eat it with a mouse in a house....small tribute to the Dr.) My hubby is like the walking dead and a misserable SOB, so I tried my best just to stay out of his way. I get it, I totally understand what he's feeling (about the financial situation), but what can we do? It is what it is. I can stress myself out about it, (which I do easily enough), or we can accept that it is what it is and do what we can. I have already decided that until we get this student loan paid down, there are not going to be ANY extras, (not that there were before and no doubt it will be a tight stretch). Thinking hard about the cancelation of the summer vacation, and if we dont go, we will survive. There's pleanty to do locally, we have a pool of own, a local park, the YMCA membership, there is always some activity going on in the city, a visit to his mothers is as close to free as we can get (minus gas), so it's not Hershey Park...we can camp in the back yard or at a local park. My eldest requested a weekend camping trip rather then a Grad. party and if were or I'm going with a bunch of teens, I'd rather be closer then far far away anyways. I was not working at all last summer, and what he needs to pay is at least 1/2 of what he has to pay down right. We'll make it....My amazing and wonderful friend in Fl. insisted that she pay for me to fly down for a four day weekend in Oct. As much as I would love it, I am praying that by Oct. we are back on track....but gotta love her for thinking of me. Anyways, the time is ticking away and I've gotta get the little guy on the bus for school. got plans to clean the rest of the house today, and catch up on some missed tv programs. The rest of True Blood has got to be on demand can pray. I so need an escape from reality today. Enjoy my latest layouts and a little piece of Irish. (my photo upload is giving me problems- more pictures to come)

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