Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Pat's Day 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!
Feeling a wee bit in the Irish sprit today as it is St. Patricks day!!! Unsure what the family and I have planned for the day, we usually attend the Parade, the boys are not at all to interested this year. Last year we were published in the news paper. We brought peanut with us, but it was absolutely freezing and the crowd behind us were drunk and obnoxious, so I think that may have affected their view of attending this year. Another reason perhaps not to go is that this Sat falls on the actual St. Patricks day and it looks like its gonna be a beautiful day SOOO everyone will be crowding the streets. My daughter and her boyfriend are planning on going. I can take it or leave it. There are some great freebees around the community today that I wouldnt mind hitting too, free paint at Ace Hardware, Free Fries at BK (I will not be eating those thank you), and Bath and Body is having a festival of somesort, I have a coupon for $13- free item with $10- purchase so if we dont do parades, I know I can keep myself busy. I made my apologises to my co-worker, he didnt really think I was that over the top, and I spoke with my supervisor so there was no lingering damage from my spaz attack on Thursday. Whew, I also had to note on here that I hit the scales after my posting yesterday and now down a total of 10 pounds. That would be a pound a day since I started this!!!!!YEAH!!! If this keeps up I'll be down to my ideal (only what I would LOVE to be at and NOT a have to be at) by June. I'm not even going to pretend that this rapid loss is going to keep going, but it sure feels nice. Just gonna keep doing what apparently is working. Spent the evening at my Upline and good Friend Sandy's house working on consultant club. We made some beautiful cards and layouts using the CTMH "Crusin" paper pack. (I will have to post soon.) Looking at the papers made me think of all the great places I have traveled to over my lifetime. I thought I would use one of the layout pages to showcase the many travels I have had. After some thoughts about every well know city I have hit in my lifetime, I decided that perhaps a break down of the last ten years (since I have been married to my hubby) would be a better starting point. So far I came up with 26 cities and some more then once. Highlights are DC, NYC, AC, Niagara Falls (both CA and US), Indianapolis, Boston, Orlando, and Vegas (these we have visited more then once in the last 10 years.) Others of interest are Nashville, Philly, Cape Cod, Salem, Ocean City MD, Ocean City NJ, Toronto, Cleveland, Tampa, Fort Meyers and a few thousand trips to Lake George. There are more.....I asked hubby about his memories of trips and noted that I have never been to Chicago and he reminded me that I have been to the airport there. (I decided that driving past or sitting in airports do not count and if my memories of Chicago are Ohara airport...I'd perfer not to return). I so love to travel, so when I think about that we have not done any big vacations in a while it breaks my heart. I know we are planning a trip to the Lancaster area in PA this summer, but I oh so want to take a ROAD a week plus trip to someplace new. Somewhere west!!! I would love to go to all the big name National Parks, see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Badlands (although I have been there as a kid, I'd love to see the presidents heads in a mountain as an adult and can appriciate it). I have this little wishing jar that I put change in, my LM and I have been doing it for about three months or so it's our wish to buy an RV so we can go traveling in it. Three months of loose change will not get us there, but we keep the dream alive. For now were going to travel in our mini-van and hit the local establishments. I think I'm gonna try and make it to Vermont (maybe in April) to visit my all time favorite Ice Cream factory- Ben and Jerry's. Lake Placid has tons to enjoy during the summer, and I have wanted to do some more trails ( Of course this is after I can walk around the block without my back hurting) in the Adorondacks. My big ticket trips will come someday I know it will. And after we conquor the's off to the world!!!! For now I am just going to enjoy the gifts right here in front of me. CNY has a ton of great rivers, lakes, trails, zoo's, parks, parades and even an area dedicated to the Irish with an upside down traffic light.

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