Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7th 2012

Finding myself a bit more optimistic this am. The week is moving along and they predict the weather should be in the sixties today. Can't beat that. I always love it when we get those days after winter when you can roll your windows down, music playing, sun glasses on, breeze in your hair and those long days of winter seem long gone. Although in this area of the states noone can be to sure, it could be a blizazard tomorrow. Can't complain about the winter weather this year, I think we actually shoveled the drive three times this season and not once did I get stuck at the end of the drive where the plows had buried our escape in. My hubby is still a miserable SOB. I just don't know what to say. No answers as we had hoped on Monday about deferring the loans and no relief that this week we just might get enough money in his paycheck to pay some of our living expenses. Trying not to be stuck in the "it's your fault" but its hard not to project blame. I think I did well at watching my eating yesterday. I didn't go to the gym as I had planned, not because I was falling into old habbits, but I got out of work later then expected (I should charge OT) and realized as I was heading home (Gas light came on) that I needed to make a few stops, and when all was said and done, I would'nt be home in time to get the little guy off the bus. Instead of rushing home and hitting up the Facebook I did clean the kitchen, washed those dishes that had been in the sink since Sat. (I made cupcakes for girls night), and did some laundry. I did have the music playing, but the minute the LG got home off it went when he claimed he couldn't handle my dancing anymore. Gee I thought I was looking good!!! LOL. When it came to my eating, I thought I could have done better for dinner, but the days diet was totally right on. Not that dinner was like I usually eat, infact I threw away a good portion of my plate. Gonna get on the scales shortly. I have decided that I can't suddenly just stop eating, but I can start eating better, not snacking, and certainly NOT eat after 7pm. Just those few steps is surly gonna get me in the right direction. One thing I do know about me is I am extreem, and if I try and go ALL diet...then I usually slip (cauz as much as I want to be...nobodys perfect) and if I slip the whole game goes out the door and I'll be here next year weighing 10 pounds more and complaining that something has to be done. In addition to changing these little things I have iniciated some helpful plans with my little guy with regards to routine. I (we) have allowed him to pretty much be in charge of his life (at nine it's not smart, were both to blame) and so when he lost his marbles about getting off the computer to attend to the homework...I decided not only do I have to address my bad habits personally, but it's clear my bad habit have reflected on my son and now we need to get him on track too. Anywhays....I realize the clock has tic tocked right on by and I have got to get myself ready for the day. If the scales have decreased I might have to sneek back on here and shout horray. till then!

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