Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday March 9th, 2012

These pictures were at Scaracuse last September. We had a great time and met a few Sy-fi stars as well as some creepy things.

I am so glad the weekend is here. Things seem to be looking more positive. Tiffed by the fact that there is once again snow on the ground after the other days heat wave, but besides that things are looking up. Paycheck was more approprite this time, and perhaps hubby can relax. Still gonna be tight, and I have had to postpone the funds I had been working towards to get the licensure, but I'll get there. No birthdays or celebrations in the immediate future, so there should be no need to spend extra money. Have a CTMH order that needs to be submitted. I do love that, although I will not be splurging like I had hoped. Discount or not, I still cant really afford my habit or my business whichever way you look at it. I'm undecided if I should work at it and get the biz up and running again or if I should simply accept that this is not the time to try and juggle CTMH and the rest of the stuff going on in my life. Why do I have to have such an awsome team, and I have to SUCK and getting people to buy? Down another pound. At least I think...yeah I know what does that mean, well I stepped on the scales 1st thing this am in my jammies and robe....and I was the same from yesterday...then I weighed in NAKED and the scale was one more pound loss. I was a little worried because I did eat a slice of pizza at the MI supervision yesterday. Dinner wasn't what I would call a low fat, low cal meal either, but I did hit the gym and worked pretty hard for about an hour, I guess as long as the scale goes down or stays the same, I'm smiling. Not going to let myself sweat the fact that the only thing I ate differently was a slice of pizza and then I worked hard at the gym and only lost 1 pound get me bugging, because that would be the old Wendy, and she's distructive when it comes to this stuff. I was helping my son do a time line project yesterday and I ran accross the pictures I posted yesterday. I look at those and think....and I thought I was fat. I'd give anything to be that size again, or even slightly larger. Well one thing I know is I was there once, I can get there again. Guess I am off. Thought I would post another layout.

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