Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th 2012

Tuesday- (MY Monday) I really shouldnt have any days off....it give me to much time to watch 6 hours of TRUE BLOOD. After hitting up some great deals at the Thrifty Store- Boy did I score there, dropping off my 100 prints, I came home with all intentions to clean do some work around the house and hit the gym. Instead I checked to see the status on the updated on demand of HBO's True Blood line up.....Brand new to on demand (new to me) was six episodes of True Blood season three. Last summer I purchased several books on Sookie Stakehouse not knowing that the True Blood HBO series even existed, by the time I had read like five of the series I found that there was a HBO series based upon the books. Thing is I came into the series at the end of season three, so I was behind. I watched every one after that, purchased the season 1 DVD, because I couldnt wait for it to be on TV again and season five ended this past summer. They have shown a recap of season 1, 2 and now three since and everytime it comes on tv I gotta watch it. So yesterday I just kept watching. Now I am almost 100% caught up. I can't say that it was a wasted day, but it sure was not productive. I did do well at the Thrifty Store. If your not a Thrifty Store shopper you are truly loosing out. I had a $7- off coupon with $25- purchase so with this in mind I always know I will get $7 in free stuff. Also on certain days they have everything in certain colors at 50% off. So white was the color, $7 off. I got yours truly 3 pair of shorts. (one pair was from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory looked brand new retail $14- I got for $1-. 1 Pair of lane Bryant black dress shorts, karen Scott dress shorts. 2 pairs of capri pants (Eddie Bauer), 1 pair of Old Navy Jeans, and 1 CJ Banks Shirt. For LM I got 1 pair of shorts and a T-shirt (which he loved), and Hubby got an Izod polo plus reebok shorts. All for the grand total of $20.17. Even at the Thrifty store price I saved $27 dollars. I love when it works out that way. You gotta be careful when you shop at the Thrifty Stores for clothing however. I take a long time to make sure that they are in good condition, no stains, and if I will actually wear it or not. I have purchased way to many things with broken zippers, rips, stains, or items that once I get home and wash will not fit me. So word to the wise...great deal or not if your simply gonna put it back into your own donation bag, don't buy it in the first place. I did well with things this run. Hubby reported that he was in need of new Polo's and shorts...there were plenty I just couldnt decide what he might like. I may have to send him in himself. Shopping I did well, being a big fat lazy bum...I did that well too. I have not gotten on the scales, but what happens often when I am meaninglessly waitching hours upon hours of tv...I snack, so I am sure my six pounds gone by Thursday goal is out the window. No loss...possibly gain. Thats okay, Iam going to make it up today by hitting the gym right after work and get right back into my better eating routine. WOW! 7am already best be getting in the shower and ready for work...arggh!!! (Good thing I didn't pack and store the winter wear cauz it's freezing around here again....Central NY weather wt?).

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