Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012

Just when you think you can start to feel blessed, another whammy gets thrown at ya. I have been doing well with the practice of the graitude. I have been working hard and actually thinking positive, happy thoughts. Merrily I have been accepting my life and doing what I can to atttend to what I have control over. So when I got this mornings news...out went the joy and in came a big case of the anxiety. My hubby arrived downstairs this am in a suit. Odd he only wears a suit on court days...usually Tuesday and never on Fridays. Whats up? He says He'll tell me later after he deals with the issue.....Are you meeting with a lawyer and I'm gonna get served with divorce papers? No!!! So whats up? Well long story short, several years ago- Almost seven years ago hubby completed his residency, got a real paycheck, and thought with his MD status we should all live like a Dr. lives. We bought a big house, took really great trips, filled this bighouse with great furniture, bought a nice car, and accured lots and lots and lots of debt. Later that year I got an amazing job, so with the two incomes we were looking like the all american dream. The American dream bubble busted about a year after that when we started to slip on the payments, juggled one bill to pay another, got so far behnind we lost that big beautiful house, lost the car, and had creditors calling daily for their money. We also find that we owe the IRS and NY state a TON of Money!!!! A year later I lost my great job, my hubby can no longer take on extra money working with the Drug companies (he used to make extra $ doing lectures), his OT time is cut, (Plus he can't physically keep up) and were in a whole heap of alot of financial trouble. To spare you the long of it. We have spent the last five years working at attending to that year and a half of gluttony. We are closer to the end, last month we finally paid off NY State and it seems that although things have been tight and we have continued to have our financial scares (both bank accounts were ceased and Frozen in December (Christmas time...gee thanks), it seemed that we were making our way to, if nothing else living within our means, and my hubby comes down this morning in a suit. As I mentioned we owe the IRS money...which is appropriately being taken without our say so. For awhile the state was also taking our money...once we paid off the state, apparently my hubby's student loans, (which had been in deferrment as we attacked the taxes) took action to begin taking what they felt they were due. Okay so it makes total sense we owe this money I get it (there was some shaddy s&^% that the state did during this to make us owe more, but thats besides the point) Any hoot, now the student loan people are coming after my hubby and after the IRS, child support, and student loans he is recieving a paycheck for about $100-. Are you kidding me...... I accept that we owe, we were dumb, make some very foolish choices and that we need to make good on our debt, but we have to live. I make about 1,000.00 a month and I guess I could work more hours, my choice to work part time was a result of high day care expenses and taxes. He still makes what he makes on paper so we still pay the taxes on that big we can't win. We can live tight, but can't make it on 1,100.oo a month no matter how much I water down the ketchup. Okay so his suit....he is meeting with the IRS and the business office of his loan to see if there is somthing that can be done. So crossing my fingers, freaking just a little, and feeling oh so tired of dealing with this. A word of wisdom think before you purchase!!!! Pay your taxes on time and make sure you adjust them to income. Still feeling like someone punched me in the gut, but I have to get to my job, apparently the only income we have right now.

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