Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th 2012

Spring is here!!!! ( these are not my flowers, but the first I've seen this spring)
Good Morning Tuesday- and is it or is it not the first day of Spring? Whichever it sure feels nice!!!! I'm struggling to remember what winter is like, (dont curse us) we had such a mild one this year. Every fall I look at those dozen or so ski packages you can buy for the season, and every year I put it off...this was one year I am not disappointed that I did. I am also very grateful that I did not pay for a season of driveway snow removal, and didn't purchase any big ticket snow play items either. So enjoying this. Busy week ahead, trying not to psych myself into the dreads of whats to come, but sometimes when I think about all that needs to be done I get so overwhelmed. I dont know what that's about, it's not like anything has ever been as terrible as I seem to make it out to be in my head before it happens. Tonight is the theater, I recieved the new season ticket package for next year, Can't seem to bring myself to spend the money for yet another season despite the fact that I do enjoy them. I've just got so many other things on my plate for my money to go to right now. Licensure, deposit on vacation, gazabeo, bike, new cell phone!!! Not to mention the things that I have to pay for because they are due. My eldests birthday is also comming up...he wants a car....really now!!! Will you settle for a bumper sticker to go on that car once you get it? It's things like that (not being able to spring for a car for my son) that make me feel like a poopie parent. My parents got me my first car, sent me to college, paid for me to live while I was in college, and have continued to help me to this day. I know times are different but I really do wish I wasn't in such a deep hole financially so we could help him out more, and we could live without pinchen pennies. It sucks!!! Not going there, not this morning. Lets think something more pleasant.......hummmm!! Still doing the better eating, I havent gotten on the scales yet today and I have avoided them all weekend. I wasn't exactally what I would call as "good" about watching what I ate all weekend. I wasn't "bad", but I didn't follow all my rules, so I have been afraid to look at the numbers. Yesterday was a bust, I planned to go to the gym, do some thrifty shopping and clean the house....I did clean the house, but I was feeling guilty about spending money on Sunday that couldn't bring myself to check out stores...just in case I had an urge to spend. I really wish I didn't buy pizza and wings on Sunday. We have a house full of food...should have stood my ground with hubby. So I didn't get to my plan I did some cleaning and some scrappen. WOW!!!! I guess I don't have anything pleasant to write about......maybe it's time to say goodbye and get my day movennn. At least it's beautiful outside and those tulips I found still in the bag outside under the snow three springs ago from the dollar store that I simply threw in a hole hoping would grow have come up again for the third year. Wish I had thrown more in more holes....

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