Monday, February 23, 2009

Mondays, Mondays

No pictures just comments! I hate Mondays!!!!and to top it off after being late this am, I get that dreaded call from the school nurse..your son is sick. hubby can't get him. There goes like $200 in billable units and i was off most of last week. Bummer!!! to make it worse...My son had a spoonful of tylenol to relieve his fever and he is REPORTING he is FINE!!!! The school nurse just Had to comment that he would out for at least one more day...last time she said that he reminded me the next day that "the DR said he could not go back to school yet" and we spent the day at home NOT SICK!!!! You'd think that the school nurse would be in tune with the kids NOT wanting to go to school and Not mention anything to the parent in front of the child. My rationalization with my son was not a winner and when I commented that SHE IS NOT A DR. he just kept insisting she was. I will not budge tomorrow as he is playing the WI as we speak. I am going back in as Mondays are my long days and I will be there til 8-9pm. Just had to get this off my chest. Happy MONDAY

Sunday, February 22, 2009

here is one side of a double layout of The Philadelphia Zoo. 2007

this is a page from our trip to Philly in 2007. independence Sea Port.

busy week

Kids were off from school this week, so I took them to their dads down in the mid-hudson area and my youngest and I stayed in a hotel for three days. we had so much fun just relaxing. We stayed at a hotel with a pool and the pool was was like bath water. We also spend a day in the Hyde park area and visited FDR's house and museum. Gavin was not so interested, but he did enjoy the Children museum of Mid- Hudson. We also went Build a Bear shopping and we now are the proud parents of Batmysterio, the only bat monkey in existance. I plan to scrap some of the pictures today...and hopefully find my extention cord to the computer and camera. Once again it is missing in action. Back to work tomorrow. Just can't wait can you hear the sarcasm?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i would really like to be able to be someone consistant with this but when i retrieve pic...i am only getting numbers not pic views. it's kind of like pulling a name from a hat....So right now you got random layouts. Sorry! this layout was actually done and designed by my team a unit meeting...not my own original

Okay so i am pulling up images..but not what i want. Can't seem to find the 2009 layouts.

This is from the Serendipity promo paper pack. Once again this was not what I was trying to retrieve. I will try again. This is a pic of my DD Alexis.

let me try this again.

I think i would post more often if i knew what i was doing.LOL So it has been awhile Sorry to any of you who may be following this blog. i would tell you that life has just been to busy, but i refuse to make any excuses...i have simply been to pre-occupied...(isn't that just like being busy only in a different word?) anyways. i am going to try and post my last three month art work. here we go. Ok that was not what I was looking for...this is Gavin's 1st day of Kindergarten.