Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10th 2012

Good Morning!!!!!! I am so glad its the weekend, and especially the weekend after payday. I feel like I can finally breathe easy for the time being. I actually rented movies last evening and we all watched "Jack and Jill". It was one of those Stupid Funny movies that makes you just laugh at the idioticy. I have continued to stick to the diet. Opps! no diet here, the better eating. On my way home from work yesterday I stopped and bought a few fresh veggies and fruit (I went to Aldi's and it seems there veggies and fruit spoil faster so I will be forced to eat before they go bad). The prices were pretty great too. I got a whole pinapple for $1.59. I love fresh pinapple so this will be a treat. I made cheese burgers for the family-I made myself one too, but it was about 1/4 of the size of my "normal" burger, no bun, no cheese and to suppliment my puny patty I sauted fresh mushrooms. I thought this was a creative way to get my veggies or fungas and fill myself up. I am amazing myself with the ways I have been making my food less fatty and more filling. It is sad that it's really simple things that I dont have to miss either. I know that I dont want to have to make myself an entirely different meal from my family so I'm just finding ways to cut out some of the not so good parts. I even have been doing some slick stuff with the boys meals. LG wont eat my burgers, so I made him chicken nuggets. I thought about making mac and cheese as a side dish (thats how I used to think-really mac and cheese as a side dish???? Thats a main course aduh!) so to fill his five nuggets and ketchup plate, I cut up fresh strawberries as the side dish and volia....I think I cut about 1,000 cal at least. I love the LG, but he suffers from his moms cooking (not that dad doesn't help with providing the junk....I could have killed him last night when he came home with slim Jims and candy bars for the boys) but he could stand to loose a few pounds too, and we the parents are to blame. I have just a few rules about my new way of eating. I know this is't the healthiest but Im not a big breakfaster-1. I dont eat breakfast,2. I have a low cal lunch (for now I have been eating WW frozen meals until I get a better grip on being prepared for lunch, its an easy solution to go and grab in the morning.)3. No snacking (another nono in the dieters world.)4. Dinner is the same as I might always prepare just with smaller portions and more of a balance. I am trying not to eliminate my favorite foods, which is typically where I think I fall off the wagon with these new eating habits. I start a diet and I'm at the store buying low cal cheese, zero cal salad dressing, stuffing carrot sticks and boco burgers into the fridge, attempting to force lite mayo down my throat.....and hating every stinken bite. Shortly I'm back to my bad habits and I gain an additional ten pounds. So until my body lets me know that I have to change something (the scales will tell me) no damn lite mayo for this chick. I hate that stuff so much I'd rather just go without. 5. More fruits and veggies. 6. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. I am not a big fan of H2O, but with lots of ice and when my stomach starts to grumble, h2o has been my bestest friend. 6. Absolutely no eating after 7pm. Simply rules I am sure as I go along there will be more. I planned to go to the Y last evening to play BINGO and I'd sneak off to the fittness room. Family veto'd and we watched the movie, but I know rule nuber 7. will soon be exersize every day....move that body. In fact once hubby returns from the store, I might take a gym trip and engage in the water aerobic class. Rest of the first new eating day with out the interruption of work, will need to be well planned out so I don't get tempted to fall back into a snack here a much there, couch to computer. No slip ups allowed just because its the weekend. Seven pounds down in just five days. OH!!! So motivated!!!!! Gotta keep it going!!!!

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