Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Heres my take on So Lucky to have You challenge posted and my take on the CTMH workshop on the go.

Weekend over- Now back to business. My computer has been acting funny this am...hum? Not sure why, but loading sites, pictures and doing my blog stalking has been slow to come up. Oh goodie, it looks like my pictures may be loading to the computer. My daugther and I survived the $15- bag sale at Platos Closet yesterday. This weekend has been a big score on my GREAT deals plan. We arrived about 45 minutes before opening and there was a line that crawled around the building...I was NOT in the mood for this. We stuck it out and found as we hit the enterance that the $15- bag was a produce bag....Really? Well that didnt damper our hour wait to get our chance to stuff the bag to the top. The Princess hit up the tanks, summer shirts and cammi's. She basically just grabbed anything she thought she might like and once we had piles we rolled each item up and stuffed them deep into the bags. I got two produce bags and when it was all over and we checked out we had $148- worth of clothing 20 shirts and a sweat shirt for $30-. I tried to slip two pair of shoes in the top, but the guy said no and offered me another bag...not when this used shoe was priced at $8-, so what I'd save a thanks. Plato's Closet is a gently used clothing store that sells all the top name brand clothing mostly for young adults. It's a great deal when you got a kid who wants all the speciality named items and a mom who has no money. I've been shopping at those American Eagle and Abrocromie stores and a simple T-shirt can cost upwards of $20-$40 a piece. She got some really cute tops and we actually had a great time. We got another free French Fry for lunch from BK and I had a coupon for a 99 cent Latte at Dunken D's. So all in all another pretty good day. Keeping my eyes open for more deals to come. Spent the afternoon cleaning the yard and it's soooo yucky!!!! Dog couldn't seem to make it off the back deck this winter to poop, so we had little peanut bombs all over the place. Got that all cleaned off and began obsessing over the purchase of a new awaning or gabazbo (spelling is awful). The one we used the last several years had torn apart and we got rid of it with plans to purchase a nice one this year. Logical thing to do is purchase one at the big K and do lawaway (plus I have a coupon for $10- off in the month of March). Thing is I really do not have a favorite at K-mart and if I'm gonna plop down $200-$400 for an item I wanna like it. Other thing is I still have to get the money for my licensure and need to put down a deposit for the vacation in June. Lets add that I really really really want to buy a bike. I've wanted to do this for over a year now and just never did. My job had this incintive re-embursment up to $250- last year on anything fitness related and I was gonna do it with the purchase of a bike...I just never seem to have the $ up front. It never happened. They offered it twice, I missed the last one cauz I was not an employee for those four months during the summer. I also need to get a new cell phone so I have been researching on this like a psycho to find the most efficent one. Basically there are just so many pots to water and not much H2o to go around. i know I will figure it all I did enter the B&B works bike giveaway....please win please win. After obsessing as apparently I still am, I broke into my new CTMH stash and made my own version (cutting the paper down to same more B&T) of the WOTG "Crusin". Winding the evening down I painted with my free paint while listening to Once upon a time, Amazing Race and the last 45 minutes of Celebrity Apprentace. Room is looking pretty good. Was not as mindful of what I ate this weekend and after hubby hinted about chicken wings and pizza for dinner I broke down and spent almost as much on dinner as I did on The Princess's clothing lot....why do I let him talk me into this ( that $ could have been a deposit on my k-mart layaway) I had two slices of pizza and feeling guilty have big plans to hit the gym this am. My hubby will be my downfall everytime. Anyways....I guess I had better attend to the day. Gym, scrappen, cleaning, meet Mom for dinner. Busy Busy Busy!!!!

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