Saturday, February 27, 2010

Care for self

I really enjoyed Jeanette Lynton's blog on taking care of self. I have not of late been very good with that part of my life. I find that with most changes..or whatever...I fall flat after just a short period of time. I was inspired yesterday after watching a segment on fit tv. I tend to flip the channel's frequently (what did I do when we had to get up and change the channel?) and I was caught by a lovely woman who was telling her story of obesity. She wasn't someone who had fought for years to loose this termendious amount of weight, she was just a woman who recognized that she could not continue to live her life overweight any longer. I suppose I was inspired because I could relate. I find that when I see these stories of these people who have to loose 100+ pounds are unrealistic for me....those cases are extreem.....I am not looking at an extreem situation. Do I need to loose weight? Absolutely...but do I need to loose 100's of So I guess this story really caught me, because her story was real to me. She started off small, she put daily activities into her life, walking, doing, moving...and with her persistance and 5 years later she is now running marathons and looks GREAT. Of course I would like to have things immediately, but I felt her 5 year dedication gave me permission to take up to five years or even more if I needed. I have this I need it now attitude that has in so many aspects of my life sabatoged my progress. I work out a week or so, eat nothing but greens for a few days and feel discouraged when I get on the scales and have lost nothing. This pattern of needing quick results has crept into many areas of my life and I often give up. I look at the last year...After my layoff I was all about taking care of my home, my kids, myself...and yes I started out very committed.. I was cleaning up, organizing, had begun home projects, but soon quick and the house again fell short. My participation with my kids began with an active member of the PTO, attending every school function, doing fund raising...becoming my son's scout leader....I was all on that, but soon found that I was disinterested and frusterated with the whole business. I had begun a gym routine that I was strict with, daily YMCA routines, restricted diets, I attended self support groups, read up on taking care of myself, meditation, and writing down my thoughts were a part of my day....and then like everything else i just stopped. I could go on and on with these patterns in my CTMH business, my marriage, my careers, my relationships with others.....Just about everything in my life has begun with a go for the gold only to give up should I find I'm falling into second place. gotta think a bit about this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too much snow ruin Vacation Plans.... for the most part....since my lay off in August, I have not taken any real time away, additionally, there has not been one snow day for the kids school yet this year....So what happens...Got a trip planned...all packed, ready to go and DUMP....we get hit with the biggest snow dump we've had all season. My daughter can't even enjoy the fact that there is no school today, my son is just grateful he can play the wii... I am most certainly disappointed... and if I was that same CRAZY girl I was 15 years ago...I may just take the trip anyways...but I am a more careful mother who is not willing to run the risk of killing myself and two of my children...just so we can take a little time away. Making the best of the situation...I plan on scrapbooking, cleaning, and this free's up the weekend for the many events that we were going to miss. Besides...Boston and Salem...have got to be much more exciting in the spring...and perhaps my hubby will be able to take off some work and join us should we go in the future......

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mojo Monday and Color me Monday...

I took Mojo Monday and Color Me Monday and made this cute little card.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wishful thinking....

My springtime layout is wishful thinking....Spring seems so far away as I glance out into that cold upstate NY I pulled out a few layouts that I made awhile back that reminded me of warmer weather....Here they go. Weekend was busy...Enjoyed the Black Belt Spectacular that my Step son participated in. Ben rocks!!! Also had a visit from my MIL and enjoyed a few to many meals out. Sat. night was date night for me and the hubby and we enjoyed the local cover band One Hard Krank. Sunday I was blessed to witness two of my friends be baptised and make a commitment to God. Extremely enjoyable weekend. Next weekend should be as busy...I am taking a small vacation to visit my college roommate in MA on Thursday....I can't wait. talking two of the four kids and visiting Salem and perhaps Boston.

Friday, February 19, 2010

yesterdays work

The left picture is a flip flap album I made at a Unit Workshop awhile back...I added the embellishments and pictures of our last trip to Vegas...we went with my mother in law, I am planning on giving it to her today...The cover picture was from our hotel room...what a view. The right side picture is using one of the discontinued CTMH acrylic stamps. I played with several sets that I have not used very often. Enjoy

Good morning Friday

Good Morning and TGIF!!!!! Had a wonderful day with a few good friends yesterday scrapbooking. I did not get as much done as I had hoped but I did put some pictures in some layouts I already made, played with some stamps, and made these two cards. I suppose the best part of my open crop was spending time with my amazing how busy we all get. Years ago we all meet twice a month, we'd make dinner and let the kids if were lucky we see each other every few months. So it was nice to get together. Weekend is always. It's all about Karate. My step son Ben is working on his black belt.. and this weekend is the finale. Tonight my MIL is joining us to watch Ben do his thing in the small arena and tomorrow kicks off the GRAND FINAL and dinner with the families. We also have plans to hit up a friends 40th birthday party...and spend the later part of the night (child free) at a local tavern enjoying the band One Hard Crank. Sunday...should I be able to move after the long busy Sat. I will be in the presence of watching my dear friends Sandy and Danny being baptised. And perhaps after the church service has completed....I can once again pull out the crafting supplies and get creative...however, as i glance around this house...I am thinking that at some point during all of this business I really do need to clean...bummer. Well here's my latest creation....the second card is using Color me Monday- Jeanette Lynton. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

another project....

I have successfully worked on some project every day since Monday, and I have some gf coming over today to spend the entire day scrapping. WOW!!! Here is Top Stitch WOTG scrapbooking layouts. I also did one card from this WS and 1 color me Monday card using Jeanette Lyntons color combo for this week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

three days in a row....

Although I do not have a project to show, I did do several cards yesterday, and I started one of the Workshops on the Go. Hopeful to at least have one of those pages done today. I do have to work today. Surprised that I am not thrilled to go to work. Maybe it's because the kids are on vacation this week, but it may also be because I have been inspired to create, and I really want to play. i am having some friends over tomorrow for an all day open crop, I unfortunately feel I do not get as much done as when I am solo, but the company is GREAT!!! Well off to work...have all good intentions of posting at least one project before night falls. TTFN!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

two more cards....

Keeping up on my are two more cards..

Busy Monday :)

As planned, I did accomplish most of what I had set out to do yesterday. The kids are off from school this week, so I took my youngest to the MOST- Science Center here in Syracuse. They have a new Flight and Space exhibit. We also enjoyed the IMAX- Take Flight, and rode on the simulator. All things in the air. We are planning our family vacation around the 2010 CTMH Convention and it was neat to prep Gavin for the Air and Space museum in DC. later in the day I was able to squeeze in two card projects using the Veranda Basics and Butterfly wings acrylic stamps(all CTMH). I even made it to the gym with my girlfriends and did a little Zumba. Here's some Pics.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gotta get back!!!

good Monday morning!!!! It seems I start every new change on a Monday.....but this time I gotta stick to it. I have allowed myself to sit in my FUNK for to long....and have made a commitment to myself...NO MORE I gotta get back. Appropriately it is a Monday and time to restart my engine, ...the MIB's are coming to my house today with a new stash of CTMH products....and I was given a new camera by my loving husband for Valentines day!!! Now I cannot blame my lack of scrapbook pages on NO camera...and no new supplies. Any excuse beyond that will no longer be accepted. I have also been blessed by a new job. is only part time, but it is a start, and it seems that NY state is going to extend the unemployment, which means I can stop sweating that concern. I have decided that instead of obsessing about what I need to do....I am going to simply do!!!! keeping with that spirit...the plan to pay more attention to this blog. hopeful that I will be back in full force....