Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st 2012

I believe I have blogged everyday for a month. OMword!!!! Better then a journal. I am nortorious for starting a journal with every intention of writing in it daily only for me to return to it a month or so later and find I have failed to do more then 2 enteries. This has been a nice way for me to express myself and I have made a committment to it. Wheather here is crazy. It was warmish for this time of year all winter and I was sure an early spring was on its way, when yesterday after group (no windows) I went to my office and there was a blizzard of snow falling down, Kids hopeful for a day off, but no luck. So Snows back....time to pull the coats and mittens back out of hiding. I really dont have much going on to discuss. Things seem to be uneventful for the most part today and the week has been just as such. Plan to pick up pictures today and perhaps I can get moving on some layouts. Saturday night were having girls night!!! Yeah but otherwise life has been pretty lazy easygoing and smooth sailing (knocking on wood). Till my next drama fest or tomorrow, which ever comes first.

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