Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18 2012

What a beautiful weekend it has been. Although my family and I did not make it to the Parade (and just by driving around Syracuse yesterday, I am glad because there were people/traffic everywhere.) we did have a great day. Of course as we were driving by the Irish Pub Colemans yesterday I was a we bit jelious I wasn't 21 years old again....but that my friends was a lifetime ago. Nowadays I get much more joy out of getting things for FREE and yesterday was a FREEBEE score. Yesterday Ace Hardware had FREE pints of paint- I got mine tinted in Ice Cream Sunde (I actually started to play with the color in my bedroom around 11:30 last night). Then I headed off to Bath and Body------IIIIII----LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE----- B&B!!!! They had a seasonal promo party on household fragances and I had coupons...So for spending $10- in product I recieved for FREE- a B&B tote bage, a bulb plug in and a full sized hand soap!!!! I also entered to win a B&B bike (I want a bike so bad.....please win please win). The free stuff continued when we decided that a day at the ZOO sounded much more apealing then the crowds downtown- plus the membership ends on March 31st so USE it up. So although not really, but we didn't have to pay yesterday- The Zoo was free!!!, but before we went to the zoo we had lunch at The Home of the Whopper....where everyone got FREE fries. ( Those two words together are like my favorite thing....) . I had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 on the chicken sands, so hubby and I ate that, boys got burgers and sodas, we all had french fries, the BK we went to had the fill your own soda so we had pleanty to drink and the lunch for the four of us was under $10- they also had Irish Sauce- GREEN Ketchup. The boys both had green hair, but the tasting of the green ketchup was not gonna happen, at least not for the LM. The Zoo as always was great. I love the elephants and the bears were actually moving around this time!!!! We headed home with intent of stopping at the Irish area, but it was a zoo initself so idea #2 was to the local park, instead the boys played basket ball and football, I played with my NEW CTMH items that came when I got home!!!! Can anyone say Christmas!!!! I also planted some flower seeds...this year I will make that garden! We rounded out the day with left-overs and movies. It was a GREAT day. Today is another although it's not FREE, I am hopen for a great deal. The local Plato's Closet is having a $15- all you can stuff in a bag sale, and my daughter has already got her strategy on. I'll have to let you know how that goes tomorrow.

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