Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 15th 2012

Another day down and one more pound gone. (I haven't checked the scale yet today to see if it's any lower) If I keep loosing 8 pounds a week, that would be awsome. I'm waiting for the flatline, it should be coming soon, but not putting any dark curse over this success. Im gratefully surprised to see that these little changes in my eating habits have been so successful. I rarely have had any craving time and after about 1/2 my dinner last night was gone I was feeling very full. I used to eat every last bite, I guess I was afraid I'd never get another meal again or something. Also grateful that someone ate all the left overs so even if I wasn't stuffed I wouldnt be tempted to eat more. Doing it. I recognize I do need to step it up with the exersize. I keep planning to get to the gym then something always comes up (excuse). I'm better then I have prior to this change but I really do need to get my body moven.I realize this blog has been nothing but all about loosing the weight of late, so I thought I would re-direct this slightly today and venture into some additional positives going on. After the damaging financial nightmare of the last few weeks, my hubby's made an arrangement with his student loans and we are again out of the red. Were only in the pink, but not on fire for the time being, so I can sigh a little relief!!!! He has made big changes in his work schedule to help cushion some of the financial stressors and in April we might even have what I'd like to call a little extra. I'm not holding out for any extras from our taxes since that is what we owe the most from all the previous years and anything we might get back is going to be swallowed up by them anyways towards the debt. I never could have imagined how deep and dark that hole could be with the IRS. I guess you live and you learn, but we are no longer in a financial crisis, and things are looking up (for the time being). Another positive or might be anyways; there is alot of movement going on in my office. For one we are moving buildings, gaining an entirely new computer program system, and they are beginning to start making adjustments to the mental health clinic. These changes may bring some lucritrive opportunities for me in what directions I may want to go with my life professionally. Since my back ground is both in mental health and addictions, I could pretty much do either clinics, the thing is if I go into a mental health clinic I need my Licensure now in NY state. I have been alluding to the fact that I want to this anyways, but now the feet are to the fire and I have to get a move on if the MH clinic is really the direction I want to go in. The other componet to this is the change in my work schedule. As things stand right now, I work four days a week at five hours a day and despite the 20 hour work week I'm expected to do a 40 hour work I max out those five hours I'm there and totally busy, but I have the flexability to be home when the LM gets on and off the bus so no daycare expense as of current, plus I have one extra day during the week to enjoy myself. In addition, if I do need to go back to school as I'm guessing I will, the 20 our work week will make that so much easier. (Just how did I do a full-time job, school and raise two children solo, I'll never know. Someday I need to tap back into that chick and get some mojo) . Anyways, the thing is this, with the two clinic's I will have a better shot at working at whichever one I want the other thing is, I really am not sure I want to cut off one to stay true to another. My background is in both Addictions and mental health, I get a mixed bag. OHHHH I dont know, but I do know that if I just bide my time that there will definately be opportunities out maybe I'll just sit back and wait. Time just got away from me I'll ponder this more I'm sure..

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