Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16th 2012

Yesterday was a bad day. After spending the whole 5 hours I have to get my work done, I recieved an email about some more work I needed to do, and I lost it. I mean I really lost it!!!!! It was like the devil came up from the bowls of hell and lashed its furry! I started ranting, shot back a nasty emil to my supervisor, yelled at a client (yeah...thats not good) and damit all it ruined the rest of my day. It wasn't so much the work cauz I can always get that done, it was the ludricrist demands that the work entailed. It felt like she was looking for something to delay this process. You see in order for us to move an individual from treatment to a new form of treatment we have to have an approval. In theory this makes sence, but were not talking about a well oiled machine, were talking about humans- no set standard for the approval, and totally a big pain in my ass. On one end I've got the big boss telling me to hurry up and move people along (thank you Insurance companies-again these are not machines) and then theres the gate keeper who apparently has a complex or something and the process get stopped. OKAY well and fine, I'll take care of anything that needs to get done, but the request was submitted three weeks ago- why am I getting stopped now? I oculd have had the concerns needed to the file done three freeken weeks ago. And the thing that ticks me off is that somehow these files and the people got to me in the first place...why didn't the "gate keeper" stop these issues then before they got to me? I get hot as they are comming in and as they go out. It drives me crazy. I guess what sent me over the edge with yesterdays was that the requests were just plain stupid stuff. Stuff where you really feel like WoW!!! It makes me wonder if she was just looking for stuff to justify why it has taken three freeken weeks for a responce to my transfer request. Anyways, now I have to deal with the day after- my co-worker, an intern, a client and my supervisor. I feel like a total idiot, because really its not that big of a deal it's just frusterating, and I got caught up in it. So heading into work early to take care of the Stopped issue, make my apologies, and get prepared to hear it from my supervisor. TGIF is all I can say. I wasn't bad with managing my weight yesterday, but I didn't do anything to great either. Will have to check the scales in abit! TTFN

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