Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday morning....

Good Morning all- busy day planned....
I have to get things cleaned up around here before my family all comes home and I want to get the pictures developed so i can spend the afternoon scrapbooking. the weather looks like rain...again so I can freely just enjoy myself. I spent part of yesterday cleaning the pool which I may add has only been used a few times this summer due to weather. this has been the coldest wettest summer we have had here in NY in forever. I really enjoy the warm and we have just not been blessed with that this year. Well we officially have 1 week and 1 month of summer so i better not curse just yet. anyways i hope to have some good pictures on here before the day ends. tt for now

Saturday, July 25, 2009

beach weather anyone????

On Thursday we had decided to hit the beach..RAIN or Shine...and oh did it RAIN!!!! and it was SOOOOOOOO cold. The kids didn't care and neither did my hubby...but I stayed clear of the ice cold water. When are we ever at the ocean??? Never so we just had to hit the waves cold or not. The family totally enjoyed themselves despite the limited sun, the rain, the 100 mph winds, and the LIFEguard yealling at my hubby, he was out to deep and with the weather there was a BIG drop on th ocean floor...he couldn't even enjoy the big waves that he loves so much. Fun was had just the same.

with all these new pictures.....

I guess I will be needing to make some more layouts. We all traveled back to my husbands mothers house and the boys took off early this am for NY City to take in a Yankee daughter and I headed home today and after cleaning out the pool, and unpacking the disgusting stinky van after a long week of camp...mixed with rain and sand...YUCK!!! I am just about pooped!!!! Plans for a warm chicken dinner and movies and relaxation!!!

back from are some pic.

We went to New Jersey and stayed in Jackson. Here are pic. of the kids at the Campground. It rained everyday but one. We still found a way to have fun. At the park and h2o balloons.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More layouts

more bling for blan layout

Addin some bling

Adding some stickease some journaling, plus some stamps~ look what a difference.

some touch up and some more layouts...

Just one more layout....

I just love.....

I still need to add something to the boxes in the first one....
I just love these papers...."Back Country" is just so me and my family...We camp a lot and enjoy the outdoors so much I had to get three paper packs... here are my last few layouts until next time....

I'm not done yet.....No more pink

now for the boy papers and the real outdoors. These layouts are from the same trip as the pink papers. We visited the Natural Stone Bridge and Caverns. This was an amazing hike into underground caves and breath taking natural views. The boys rushed through the hike...and were a little daunted that we had circled the whole trail... I encouraged them to SLOW down EnJOY the moment....but being boys they just wanted to run the trail all over again. Well here's some layouts using the current Idea Book paper pack "Back Country", some of you may recognize this first layout directly from the Idea 17 using "rhapsody" template from imagine.

here are some more using Daydreams....

More pink, with all boys. These pic.s are from the one of the trips to great Escape. we purchased season passes as my hubby's mother lives in Lake George and we spend many days there in the summer. This trip we went down with my girlfriend Carol and her boys. I will be having lots of layouts featuring rides and water parks. I have more layouts featuring our labor day trip with another of my friends family. I will have to post them next. Carol is one of my oldest and dearest friends and my youngest two and her two boys are the perfect ages for playing together. These layouts need some bling.....and some tittles etc. I haven't yet decided what I am going to do with them yet..... so you may see these again with the added touch.

look what happens when.....

My family has left me here home alone for the weekend...and despite the 101 things that i should have been doing, I spend the last 48 hours scrapping...Oh yeah I did get the laundry done, my oil changed, picked up precriptions, and deep cleaned the livingroom ( I managed to get to sleep too). I still have to pack for my own departure, get a paper typed up for work and do more cleaning. chanting to myself..."must not scrap today" "must not scrap today" !!! Well heres what i did yesterday and last night. i still need to finnish up with some bling/tittles/journaling for some of them...but here you go. these are from Daysdreams paperpack. I have three boys and one girl so when this pack came out...I wasn't to excited about the PINKS....I didn't even have any of those classic Disney pic with the princess to scap with the kids. So...I made it work..I lookeed at this stamp set over and over thinking it was for someone who has a baby perhaps...but I finally surrenderd and I just love the playful ducks from "makin waves" my acrylics.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I knew I couldn't spell..but yikes

i just realized that in the tittle of my balloon fest I spelled balloon like baloon....what the?????

just one more.....

These are from Emporium Paper pack. i also used left over stick ease and paper punch outs. Layout is from Cherish " Up the tempo".

some more

This should be it...No more "tickled Pink" i think I used up all of it finally. Another Scrapbook Challenge layout. This is SC # 5 "Easy Inspirations" from Cherish.

some more....gee I was busy!!!

More Disney pictures done. This was at MGM. We posed with the Monsters Inc crew. This is my own design, I had a few pieces of "Tickled Pink" left over from the paper pack, and used up all of the flower brads, there is also a hanging charm, and I used 'blush" punch outs to make the circles and tag.


This Disney layout was using Star dust paper pack. We were in Disney world April of 2008. I have been adding layouts to my book at a slow pace, but getting them done. Pictures are at Mission Space in Epcot. The kids loved this ride, although my hubby was not thrilled. All of the jolting of his body knocked his glasses off!!!

Finnished layouts from Friday night FREE of kids and hubby!!!

These are done using emporium paper pack and stamped with 'You Rock" This is done using layouts Then and Now from Imagine Scrapbook challenge #3.

Just a thought...

The family has all gone away for the weekend...(I plan to meet up with them Monday night after work. ) so I have had no distractions. I spend the entire night committed to CTMH and my scrapbooking. Yep. I finalized my Masters level courses, and did several layouts which I will post here later. Hip Hip Horray!! As my job comes to an end I am realizing that I just hadn't had the time to commit to what i need to do for me and despite the termination of one chapter of my life another one opens. i have never really been an "attack kind" of CTMH sales person, and I mean that with most love and affection, but I have never really been selling the product...does that sound better, I have been encouraging the same group of girls...(all of which are my friends) to please please buy from me, after all you would buy it from someone anyways. and this style of salesmenship has kept me at my min. every quarter, but has also keeped me from having to work at it. I simply love being a CTMH consultant and I love the company, I just don't love my style of sales. So as the "real" job comes to an end and I ponder over what I want to be when i grow up, I realize that I can work at what I love and thats CTMH.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My poor dog being tortured by my youngest son.

This was one of my Spring make and takes. I hold very few gatherings as my circle of business is far and few. My closest friends generally host at least one party a month and this keeps me in the groove!!!

My husband, my mother in law and I sent four days this April in VEGAS!!!! Two very famous stars to pose bad we lost Michael.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tickled Pink

these are from The Tickled Pink Promo. I felt that So Happy was just the layout for how i feel about being a part of CTMH. I love my team and my upline is the BEST!!!! We had such a great time at the Florida Convention. I would become a consultant just to be a part of this team" Hearts a Flutter" and meet such amazing people. Anyone who has even thought about becoming a CTMH consultant ask me about the PERKS!!!! I get my addiction well fed, and I get to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE club (CTMH) that supports my efforts and my own personal goals of a home business. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!

continued layouts...

This is Scrapbook challenge #7 "Understudy" Imagine. I used Notebook Paper pack and combo it with sunflower paper to reflect my crontra stickers.

Recient layouts

These are done using Perfect Day Paper pack. This is #10 in the scrapbook challenge "Jazzy Combo" from Imagine also includes Stick Stock stamped with Nov. word Puzzle; Tulip and Juniper colors.