Monday, August 31, 2009

just a few more

these i need some help with

I had these layouts pre-done and i thought they worked well with the pictures from our trip to the baseball hall of fame....They still need something. I was thinking of creating a base ball and bat with these papers "Emporium". But i am not sure...any suggestions are encouraged.

here are some more

alot of art work

I hosted an open scrap on friday and here is what I got done. I used scraps left over from my Animal Cookies paper packs and finalized this book!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the end....

Today is my last day of my current job. It seems as if I have gone through many emotions up to this point...I mean no one wants to hear, your being laid off, and initially in traditionally Wendy fashion I freaked. I was an emotional bag of mush. I had planned and changed and considered and grabbed onto any future opportunities that I could think of. I was bitter and angry, scared and confused...thought about going back to school, thought about making those networking calls, considered just what i would be like as a stay at home mom again....make my CTMH business score big, take on a part time gig, go back to my past employers and beg....I really was so unsure. then when it sunk in I was concerned not about myself but my would they handle this where would they go....and then there was opportunity to stay on part time, that could have worked? All of this transpired over a three month period...and here I am at the final day....dare I say i feel some relief? some sence of closure? I guess it goes with all change. I recall the ending of even some of the worst relationships i've had, where the break was enevidable and yet once it was all said and done, there was that pain, that moment of oh how I will miss the dysfunction and even a momentary lapse of reason where you consider please please please take me back....I don't want this to end...and then it clicks and you push forwards it wasn't the relationship ending at all that pained you, it was the change itself. I would like to think that I could say, change is good...and it usually is....but even in the most reasonable choices of making that change...there is always doubt. that fear of the unknow is sometimes so powerful we stay stuck for as long as we can...and so it is here that I recognize that my job was like that dysfunctional relationship i had been waiting to get out of for at least a year, but to scared to take the jump. So I have been angry with my boss, quick to just stay low with the conversations, most certainly not myself, and I realize that this has been my way of breaking off the relationship and making the change because if i don't allow myself to harden...I may stay stuck. So here I am making the change and this is the end...bigger and better things come with change and I am ready for them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

what a fun friday

It has been forever since I simply went with the flow of things and while I was in the area picking up my son from his Grandmothers (Bubbe) we took a detour and went to Cooperstown NY. the area is simply beautiful and we fully enjoyed a visit to the base ball hall of fame. We had so much fun just going with the restraints demands...laundry can just sit in that pile..what an absolutely wonderful day!!!! ME with the BABE!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

here is an example of a pre existing layout that I had made awhile back. After our trip to New Jersey I had all these safari pic...well look at that I had some pre-made safari pages done...Stick them down. (I added some non-CTMH items)

Last night....

I just love to watch "Ghost Hunters" on the Scifi channel. In my house Wed. nights are dedicated to mommy tv. I do not want to meet a ghost personally...but I am really interested in the idea of ghosts, ok so I am weird...but this is also when I spend time scrapping. here is what I did last night. I was not excited about this paper it reminded me of babies...(animal cookies) and my children are no longer babies...but after cutting my hostess papers I had some paper left as well as some stickease....and I know that my kids were once babies and I surly haven't done ALL of those baby pictures so I focused on using up this paper pack with my youngest's baby pictures in mind. Now I just have to go and did them out.

Thursday morning...

although I should be cleaning or doing something productive..(I have no one home and this could be time spent getting things NEEDED..done). Instead I have pulled out some of my pre made pages...perhaps this strange, but I like to use up my papers after I have made my I must have projects so I will sit in front of the tv...pull out my trusty Imagine, or Cherish and just cut and paste! then...when I have a thousand pictures that I have finally developed...I can simply shift through my pre made pages and stick, add some accents...and volia Page done!!! so here are a bunch of those pieces of work. they are kind of my own level 1's from CTMH. i am holding an OPEN scrap next friday so maybe I will be able to fill these pages with come pic, and jazz them up as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DONE- Swaps for Unit!

these are my swaps for my Unit Hearts a flutter-
I am almost done with my swaps. Just have like two more things to add to them...and somehow I have 1 of my cards missing already..... what the? I hope it turns up because I don't think I have all of the supplies I need for it. cross my fingers. Once I have all of them done I will post them here. Just one more day of work this week....and then 3 more left in total. It has been difficult to say goodbye to my patients, but I am relieved to be going into a new direction with my career. I have really taken on some more enthusiasm with CTMH as well and have some great ideas for the next idea book....I hope it will inspire...and motivate me to push to the top. Well I had better get myself up and out..TTFN will post this pm again with pics.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning....I used to hate Mondays but since I only have two more Mondays left at my job...I'm really am not feeling the STRESS!!! BUSY weekend. Yesterday was so ever loven hot that after church I just vegged. Finally a warm day this summer and of course the pool is not swimable. What was I thinking???? Had to have a pool... I did most of my Unit swaps over the last few days, and I will post when all of them are done. I just love the new paper packs. Week plans are go go go ...My youngest is at his Bubbe's so it feels pretty relaxed around here. Don't seem to have that same push to get things running. I had a great weekend with friends, cleaned and as I said, worked on my swaps. Tue...GET POOL cleaned out. with new paper packs... Thursday, I have a date to go kayacking and I am hosting a party for a friend who sells lea Sophia jewerly. Friday...I get my little guy back and we have a date planned for the caves!!! Can't get any better then that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

just some fun

for Autum unit swap

Sorry...I don't know how to rotate this. this is using the new papers. I am making swaps for my CTMH unit. Here is one of several.

I have a few more

My full layout using "tinkerin" paper pack and my stickease and Animal Cookies. I still have to title and journal my Animal cookies layout. One of my defects in scrapping is I never journal...I have to work on that..I have albums from yrs ago with spaces ready for journaling girlfreinds always pick on me...its beautiful but where is the journaling..LOL


Friday morning- horray for the weekends. Spent Thursday cleaning, making cards for my team swap, went canoeing, took a walk, and visited with my dearest friend and her family visiting from Florida...and that was just Thursday. Today should be just as filling. I have to finalize cleaning as I have a habit of when I start cleaning projects begin to happen for example rearranging furniture...finding something I had forgot I had and I have to start playing..(scrapbook supplies), suddenly feeling an urge to revamp entire rooms, or even consider actual construction (which i did not start any of yesterday...although I was temped)... Don't they call that ADD or ADHD...LOL, but despite my disorganization I did have a chance to get some projects done... So here is what I got. Both of these layouts are for my Aug. make and takes. for my hostess parties I usually offer either a 1 page layout or 2 cards as part of the demo. these papers are Animal Cookies and Tinkerin.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is GOOD

I am so blessed. I just have to share my gratitude for the day. I have my health, my family, my dear and wonderful friends... and I was given a new job today as well. After my notice of layoff three months ago...i had freaked about what I was going to do....and after I finally just gave it to God...I was blessed by a phone call informing me that a position might fit me...and after a nice luncheon today it appears as if I have a new job that will suit me just about perfectly. I am so over joyed by this news and so blessed by my good fortune..Life is Good

Sunday, August 9, 2009

weekend slows..

I have had such an exciting weekend full of such great people. Friday was my CTMH unit meeting and Sat I spent at a scrap meet, Sat pm I went to a CTMH picnic. I just love as the new idea book comes out and everyone seems so motivated. I was able to play with the new papers, the stamp of the months the featured Card Promo for Sept. and made this great altered album called Jacobs ladder. Buut perhaps the most exciting is word of Studio J...i am so super PUMPED about this. I cannot wait. Here are some pic of my friday night unit projects...Design by my upline the most amazing girl ever Sandy VanNorstrand.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

these are from Reflections and Back Country paper pack. i just love this paper pack

these layout are taken right from the current
CTMH idea book pg 13. Moon Doggie x711b

More layouts

More layouts

9 more days and counting....

yep...I am counting down the days until I am officially laid off... and I am actually excited!!! The end of this chapter has been dragging on for to long and despite the fears of being jobless...(for the exception of CTMH which is truly just my addiction being fulfilled) I am so ready to be done with things. i did not have work today and I do not work tomorrow. I am off to play with my upline tomorrow and Sat I will be at a new scrapbooking club that I joined. No kids again all weekend. i am actually enjoying all this traveling that my hubbie is doing as of late with the boys. Here are some recient layouts. These are from another trip to six has been a 6 flags summer. I copied the directions from one paper pack 12 layouts off the CTMH web site. I apologise that i don't recall who's directions they were, and even what layouts they were taken from for the dementions. Here are some more

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am so excited to be a part of CTMH. I have already registered for the summer 2010 CONVENTION. I went to the last convention in Florida and had an amazing time. This one is in Washington DC. CTMH is such a great business that the convention weekend was non-stop fun....I even scored my very first sticky boy....goal again to get another at the next convention. If any of you have thought just for a moment about becoming a consultant yourself...Come join my team, and find out for yourself what great REWARDS you gain by being a part of such a wonderful organization.