Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15th 2012

My Co-workers are the biggest enablers...yesterday was the celebration of one of my co-workers 25th year and as it always seems they have to get a cake for ANY celebration. (Staffing always seems to have someone's birthday so we have cake) This past Tuesday's cake looked delicious!!! I passed graciously and swallowed another carrot stick. So thinking that I could avoid yesterdays BIG Chocolate cake I had decided that I would say my congrads on the fly, and lock myself in my office. My co-workers are like, come on, you can have a small you would offer a crack head a small hit of cocaine....REALLY??? So I did attend. But had no cake!!!!! Proud of me!!!! I actually had a fairly productive "healthy" day regarding my weight, so when I checked in with the scales this am, I was a little dissed to find no movement!!! I had a WW frozen meal for lunch about 200 cal. according to the box, burned that 200 cals at the gym, kept myself moving by washing my car, scrubbed down part of that gross brown green on the house, ran around cleaning the house, and after a nice approprite dinner, was out and about again. No sitting around on the couch or the computer chair, no cheating.... Yeah I am a little discouraged. Not defeated but discouraged. I feel lighter....does that count? I did a little blog stalking this am (I was up at 5am for some reason) and found several additions to add to my collections to follow. These were weight loss blogs. I feel so much more inspired after viewing some of them. Especially the ones that blog about the 100 plus pounds they have eliminated from their bodies. It makes me feel that it can be done. Taken all things into account, I haven't given up and that's more than I can say for several of the last attempts I have taken on this journey. I have done well on other diets, but that was years ago when my body was so much more forgiving. I remember at my 135 pound days (thinking I was fat and doing WW through work) being informed of my was off to the races that day. I also remember the nurse telling me at my third month that I needed to be careful of my weight gain (as I had plopped on about ten pounds a month at that point). I recall I told her, I'm not worried I lost it all with my last child....she reminded me that I was also nearly ten years younger. I think I was at 208 when my LM was born, lost maybe 30 pounds of that at one point in my attempts to diet and today.....nine years later.....I have exceeded all pregancy weight totals and have another nearly ten years added just to make it all that more difficult. Just what did I know anyways???? Food has always been a good friend and if given the option of a fat tummy or an abundant suppy of french fries (with ranch dressing of course)....I always choose the FRIES!!!!! Anyways, I guess I had better finalize my morning- for starting my day at 5am time sure has gone fast. getting LM all greened out for GREEN day at school!!!!!

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