Tuesday, March 13, 2012

march 13th 2012

Good morning Tuesday, and I still am all messed up by the time change. Yesterday got me way behind, and I had a tuff time getting up this morning. I typically dont use an alarm clock, my hubby usually gets me going, but yesterday he overslept and we did the overnight that pm so he wasnt here to roust me up today. I'm off my yucks from Sunday and back on my better eating track. Not that I feel I ever fell off. Still pluggen away. I have not stepped on the scales yet, but crossing fingers that there is downwards movment when I do. I did some shopping yesterday after I dropped of the little man, (we were late) and caught up on my week to week Life project. Found that if there wasn't anything special going on during a perticular week it was hard to fill six boxes with stuff. Did some blog stalking picked up a challenge "Lucky to Have You" challenge, I believe its from the Heart2Heart blog. Caught up on the last four cross that out three of four True Blood series from season 2. I watched all 3 esisodes and about o hit the fourth when on demand decided that they were not going to show me the final episode. I was pissed, but decided that three hours of TV was probally enough anyways and found something else to do. Back to work today. Tuesdays are both a blessing and a curse, after I do my thing, do some notes it's time for staffing and that usually takes up my whole afternoon and I'm outta there(blessing) but, if i got lots of work to do to catch up on stuff it is a long agonizing waste of my day. Hoping this will just fly by. The weather has been nice, I did wash down the house after I noticed a nice brown stain that apparently dripped from the roof. It came off, but on the far side there is a greenish yuck that has built up and looks gross. My hose wasn't getting it to wash away. The house needs a paint job or even better a face lift. The whole yard needs some kind of a lift. It's not even spring yet I'm gonna get to it. Anyways it's already after 7 and I still need to get things rollen here. I can't have a repeat of yesterday or I will be late for work. TTFN

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