Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24th 2012

Layout of a "Traditional Girls" Night

Good Morning Saturday!!!! Tonight is a Non-traditional girls night to be held at my house. We have our standard (traditional) monthly girls night and tonight since the standard is missing 2 of the 5, I decided to have a new with slightly more girls night. There should be 7 of us maybe 8. I am super excited and have been anticipating a party for a while now. Big difference from tonight is my scrapping gal pals are coming, and in order for that to happen, we had to allow children to attend. Why are some husbands so not available to watch their own kids when their wifes NEED a night away? My hubby will watch his and anyone else's with no problem. My hubby is so weird anyways, he does laundry, returns bottles and can't wait to hit the lotto so he can hire a bunch of people to call his debtors just to harrass them. Shorty I will be off to the grocery store, cleaning the house (have you ever wondered why you clean the house before a party? It always becomes a bigger mess once it's over anyways, might as well leave it a wreck to begin with.) But I guess I could at least scrub the toilets and have ample TP, so my guests don't have to drip dry or use paper towels, (just a kind thing to do, don't you think?) I made sangria (sp) last evening and the fruit is soaking in etho. I have chili dip and those disgusting mini weiners for some grub. We always have good not at all healthy for us foods and usually some kind of a not know what we will play tonight, but thinking beer bong...just kidding we dont drink beer come on were sophicated women with real class...give us some top of the line boxed wine...LOL. Can you tell I'm excited????? Lost another pound!!!! That means I am down 13 pounds in just 18 days!!!! Gonna have to watch myself tonight cause the party doesnt start til 6:30 and 7pm is my no food after rule. Gobble up quick I guess. Maybe I'll make one exception for the evening. Starving til 6:30 tonight and running around the block at mid-night....naked! (that'll make me run faster). Enough silliness!!!! I am psyched that my flowers are growing..... see? My forget me nots have forgotten to come up...but the morning glories are saying hello!!! My teen stopped by to see his mother last evening, what a nice surprise.....we spent some time talking about how mature he has become. I am so stinken proud of him!!!! Got to spend time with Princess too, of course it was to go shopping cause she couldn't go another moment with out flip flops.....still love her, got myself two pairs as well, told her that this was her child support and she still owed her brother $12.50. I only get $25- a month. LOL Thinking about getting a new cell phone, I so miss my old one....just perplexed on what to buy....I refuse to get another contract and end up paying three times what was quoated to me. Damn you Sprint!!!!! Looks like hubby has arrived home from returning bottles...and no he did not win the lottery.....BIG BUMMER, I was so looking forwards to having a house full of tele-marketers calling. Guess I better get rollin to the store before the crowds hit...I hate when the stores are so packed and people crowd the grocery aile to stand and search for the last can of tuna....or look to see what coupon works best with what yorgert- oh wait that's me......Have an amazing day I can tell already it's gonna be SPUNKY!!!!

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