Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now that I have finally figured out how to view before I post pictures (thanks to my dd) Here is a lay out from last fall. All papers and supplies are CTMH.

here is some of the art i did yesterday. i tried to rotate the one card. th emoon doggie was part of a swap using the May STOM....this was quite a challenge. The layout was in reference to a challenge posted on the CTMH art board. Using cherish pg 66-67.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

sat morning

the weather has been amazing. Gavin and I went to the park yesterday and we had to wait to find a parking spot it was so crowded. After some time in the park we hit up a hot dog and cheese fries from Heids. (Big deal here in central NY.) I have plans to spend the afternoon with Sandy we will be getting my swaps done. YEah!. I just planned my CTMH sched, for the next four months and plan to host a Hawian OPEN HOUSE on May 8th. All intereted PLAESE attend. I will be playing with MOON DOGGIE and wearing a hula skirt..LOL. HAVE a great weekend all. this pic is from three years ago at Niagra falls I am still trying to figure out how to upload my pictures.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

what with these kids?

I'm not sure why...but all of us seem to have simply overslept this am...and we have missed our breakfast with the Easter bunny.No one seems to upset....maybe it's just me wanting my young ones to still want to be excited about a human in a costume....they grow way to fast. Ben's just a guy in a suit and Gavin said the real Easter bunny is much smaller...and has real fur. No sadness here just me apparently. yesterday was busy as always, Alexis has 101 things going on with tutoring and takes the entire day. took the boys to the Y, and both kids were bummen that they couldnt get a basketball court. I've got to get over my own disapointments...and stop thinking....gee, when I was a kid, I would have loved to spend a day in the pool and most certainly would not have been upset if i couldn't play basketball. so the kids were upset that they had only one option and that was the pool..and this pool is amazing, its a mini waterpark. so is it that when I was a child there just weren't as many options or are the kids of today so spoiled that noting excites them anymore?