Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

These are the second set of layouts from the Crusin workshop on the go.

It's amazing what you can get accomplished when you wake up early...there's just not enough lives left in my castleville keep me going. ANYWAYS!!!!! It's Friday. TGIF and all that great stuff!!! Scales report I'm down another pound. Having a case of "justs". "Just" one pound!!!, "Just" another 83 to go... "Just" really upset that this is moving so stink en slow. I know its faster then any other "diet" opps I said the word, I have every tried in the past and I'm really not doing anything so incredibly different, but the awareness that I will soon have to get real with changing the things I put in my mouth soon as I am sure I will plateau and there will be no movement but up. Trying to remember, I started this on March 6th, only 17 days ago. 13 pounds in 17 days is an accomplishment for anyone, and as I mentioned I haven't done any major changes with what I eat...just less of it. I was eating french fries and BK chicken, Pizza and Chinese food last weekend and I still have lost 13 pounds....What is wrong with me that I can't "just" be happy that the pounds are falling off. Weekends seem to be my biggest enemy and I really really really want to be down 20 total by this time next week. Thats 7 pounds in a week. Not setting myself up here or anything, just plotting a goal. A pound a day. Hoping that at 20 pounds I can start to really exercise again without the awful pains in my back. I love ZUMBA and I have not been able to push through a class due to the pain I get. I already mentioned what an impact just walking has done....theres a corporate challenge coming up at work, you can run, I will NOT be attempting that, not this year anyways, but you can also walk for 3.5 miles. I thought that I might be interested, but at this point carrying so much extra weight will kill me. I believe the challenge is in June. I do have a little time to prepare. I also once enjoyed the folk march offered through the YMCA, once a month (they have others too) but they showcase one park, neighborhood, mall, or interesting location every month to inspire walking. I used to do them...I haven't in years. But its always a nice walk and you receive a pin once you have completed. (Girl Scout at heart, I need to get my achievement token.) I now realize why I was always pushing the kids to engage in those organizations....get those badges kids!!!! So I really really really want to see another 7 pounds gone so I can really start to make my body move pain free, at least the bad pain not the pain you get from a good healthy workout. Other interesting news????? Oh yeah... I was going to discuss my future with regards to WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP... Well I still don't know, but I do know what I want to do until I grow up. Last year I ran a women and childrens program and we worked with the local domestic violence clinic, back then I thought it would be nice to give back of my time and do some volunteer work...I just never did. On Wed. I submitted a volunteer application and I am awaiting a response. Okay....just why did I volunteer my time when clearly I have got to get myself back to school and that most certainly will eat at any free time I have??? Good question; after some scouring of the May classes (two I could take) and still not knowing for sure if these are the classes I need to take...I decided that I need to just wait until I get the final say from NY state on what classes I do need and start in the fall semester. (Hubby promised to have the license money for me in April.) I should know for sure what I need to take if anything at all to proceed by then, so I wont be wasting my time, works credits and my sanity. I figured that I might as well do some volunteer work in the meantime. Still haven't heard back yet, but I think I know the volunteer coordinator (It's at least the same name) so I may have a pretty good shot. I also think that for now I need to just stay put with regards to my career. For awhile I thought that maybe I would go full time if the right position came along, but I think I would be shooting myself in the foot if I fell back into that old routine. So staying put, awaiting school, and volunteering. I am also going to do some serious movement with regards to teaching. Plan is to contact the state and see about getting trained specific in the area of regulations of note taking. We need a course on that so much and I think I need to be the Leader in providing the training for this. Payday was yesterday, we are pretty well caught up with the bills!!!! Going to put a deposit down on camping this afternoon and groceries need to be purchased. ROCKEN the girls night Saturday can't wait!!! Well.....time marches on and I guess I had better attend to the things I do need to take care of right now. TTFN

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