Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Need a big Dose of CoFFEE this am....struggling to get moving. Ever been awaken when your smack dap deep in the middle of a dream...I guess it kind of put me off just a bit this morning. I am usually a programed waker. Meaning I am up usually everyday of the week...need to or not...somewhere around 5:30-6am. Most days I hit the 6am mark on the dot. This morning I overslept, and my hubby woke me at 6:28...while I was deep in dream mode. See it wasn't that this dream was such a great amazing dream that I really needed to stay in so I could live out the fianle, it was just that it interupted my pattern of sleep to such a degree, I am finding it hard to get moven today. An hour later and I'm still not feelin it! DRAG, DRAG...UGH!!! Hubby gone off to work, Princess has gone to school, Little Man is struggling to move too, which of course makes my morning's all the more "fun", NOT! Plans today include gym, maybe a little shopping, cleaning as always, and and and maybe a nap...gee's!!!! Might even send LM out the door and do the nap thing first. Yesterday after cleaning up from the Sat. night fun and reading the paper, LM was bugging me to get him some game points for some silly computer game he is in love with. Well, I had just purchased him this deep discounted comforter set from the clearence section of Walmart the day before, only to be told that he does not like the WWE any longer and since he does not want to put Tripple H on his bed, I was going to return it, so I made him a deal. Come with me to return the comforter set, do some price hunting for gazabo's and the game points are yours. Big K (K-Mart) had a sale on pop up covers for $129- and the picture looked pretty good and I thought I could live with it. Infact it looked very simular to the stand up gazabo (the only one I did like at K-Mart) I was excited to spend $129- instead of the $200+ listed weeks before. So off we went in search of this gazebo that wasn't really a gazebo (but a pop up) and at least $100- cheeper, plus I had one week left to use the $10 off coupon. Well......sometimes a picture is worth a thousand was not what I had hoped, and it was slightly larger then I need to cover my deck and once again I'm staring at the only gazebo I do like in the K-mart line up thinking use the $10- off coupon for this $249- gazebo or buy a bike and loose the $10-. Off to look at bikes, SOOOO yesterday instead of a gazebo that I was not really liking I put a new Schwin bike on layaway. After draggin little man back a fourth through the store walking a women's bikes through the was done! In less then six weeks, I should have a new bike. Now, I haven't rode a bike in possibly 15 years and the one I had at the age of 18 is still in my basement with a rusted out chain, but after obsessing over a gazebo that we really do need to have for the back deck....I bought a bike. Go figure!!! Well all was not a loss. I dragged LM to Big Lots and it's as if the heaven's opened....There staring at me at $30- cheeper then the only one I could tolerate at K-Mart was the gazebo that I want. Too bad Big Lots doesnt have a lay-away plan cauz I would have hit that up at that moment. Now knowing what I want, I am not budging. Bike on it's way and Gazebo will be mine before the pool is open and ready to go. Sat. I had hit the grocery store and bitting my nails at the $237- total before coupons and store card, (final total was $147- and I now have 70 cents off each gallon of gas and $5- off my next grocery purchase...not bad, not bad at all.) as I mentioned I had found this comforter set for 1/2 the original price at Wal-Mart. I had not gone to wal-mart for a comforter but to look at cell phones. (Did not get a cell phone), but walked away with a $35- comforter set, 2 $8-Martha Stewart tin beverage containers (sold at Hobby Lobby without the Martha name for $19.95), and a beautiful fluffy blue $9- beach towel for the deep discount of $18. How's that? The discounts were out of this world most items were 75% off. Returning the comforter, my beach towel and two tins cost me all of $3.50. LM got his game points for $10- and I purchased a wooden Easter bunny for my center piece for $6-. Everyone happy!!!! YEAH!!!! Wow, talking about stretching my $ has make me wake up!!!!! It has even got me charged to take a gander at the thrifty stores to see what might be lurking around...(got a $7- coupon for any $25- purchase). Got a coupon for 100 photo's $10- and with some additional combo's I might be able to walk away with some penny priced health a beauty supplies too. Still have to put a deposit on the summer vacation, but it looks like everything will be falling into place. got one more little free thought. My good friend took this costly course through her church by Dave Ramsey the financial wizard. Sat. she brings me the entire course on CD to borrow. Thanks Mr. "D" (david ramsey), it looks like I've already saved myself some funds!!!! Gosh saving money really gets my heart pumping!!!!! Off to look for some more deals!

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