Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pictures below

These are pictures of our weekend at fright Fest in Great Escape- Lake George.

Just a quick update!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday

good morning!!! The last few days have been a bit busy and i have had little actually NO time to play. Looking outthe window it appears to be a drab dreary Monday....A great day to hunker down and start to scrap. I have been meaning to make a few Halloween decrorations, and perhaps this is the day to do it. thursday I became ambitious and decided to yank up all of the ugly dying bushes in the front of the house...1 bush at a time with an axe. So after 4 bushes several twisting and hitting, a blister and pleanty of son comes home from school and says Why don't you use the saw???? DUH!!!! within 15 minutes he had the remaining 4 gone and had cut down the four stumps. Boy did I feel stupid. I had a simular Wendy incident several years ago, when I had decided to paint my livingroom. In my own defense I thought people only used the rollers for the ceiling. Anyways it had taken weeks to pint the room one brush stroke at a time. Later a friend had volunteered to paint an unstairs bedroom...quite relieved I may add as I had remembered my multidayed livingroom paint job. When he came downstairs an hour later and said he was done I called him a lier. Yep he was done alright using the roller cuts the work down quite a bit!!!! Hope to post again soon with some art. Weekend was spent in Lake George attending Fright Fest and later my husband and I enjoyed a night out listerning to a band called AQUANETT. they were very good!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday already!

I was successful at getting to the gym yesterday...but struggled from abstaining from all electronics....I completed my halloween invites,my youngest helped with the heat embossing. he was super excited to be a part of this. I took pictures of my acrylic wedding album. This was done several months ago, maybe even last year when the acrylic albums first came out. I did a demo for my unit meeting. Here they are...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nearly 6 days

WOW I haven't posted in nearly 6 days. i guess I had better get to posting!!! No excuses I have just been busy. Sat. Was my CTMH teams Stamp Camp and I spent the entire day with some of my amazing team creating. We all had such a great time. Sunday was spent busy as well. Off to Church then to Dance lessons My hubby and I are taking ballroom dance!!! Then I had a CTMH party. Sat and Sun wereboth filled. I did not do much of anything productive on Mon or Tuesday. Wed. morning and I have a ton of things to do. i am a little disapointed in myself as I had planned to make this time at home PRODUCTIVE for me, and I have not been as much as I had planned. I must stay clear of all electronics. I may allow myself to listen to music...but if I sit in front of a computer or a tv...Apparently I am stuck for several hours!!! i watched a movie yesterday that really could have been never viewed and I have obtained a multitude of high scores on those computer games. I really should (and I hate the use of the word should) be getting to the gym, designing my calendar workshop, cleaning up house, painting a wall, moving a building (lol) no really I do need to stop being so LAZY and get a grip. So i developed a sched. for myself...a to do list so to speak and i am beginning this today. It is 5am here in NY..I am allowing myself computer time NOW and then this thing will be off untill I have to put in the CTMH order. GYM, WORKSHOP<>and several other misc things on my to do list. I am hoping that with that said I will have some new and delightful new created talents to post at my next posting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

maybe you are only allowed so many per day...well I guess the rest will have to wait. I did want to mention on a personal note that my future job seems like a DREAM. I said to my husband last night that this one could be the one I retire on. It is brand new so I will have to create paperwork that will fit for the setting. I will be housed in this amazing Dr's office (truly it is like a resort) starting out about two days a week until I can generate clients. The Dr. feels pretty confident that there will be plenty of clients to see. I surprised myself in that I was glad to see it would be starting off slow...old me would have freaked and been like hurry lets get this started. So I have about a month before I should be starting as they iron out the kinks...Unemployment has finally kicked in (although I should not get to excited as it has not arrived in my bank account just yet.) so thats a its just me time....i was also informed that i could take on some per diem work if i liked which willl be great as then I can cont to have some of my clinical in conjunction with my job. I have been blessed over and over with good things in my life. About three years ago I could not have said that.....Thank You God!!!!
well it doesn't seem to be letting me upload any more images...hummmmm

this should be the last of them.....

my goodness Disney overload....I noticed that I have skimped on my journaling again....I do have to work on that.

and a few more.....

and here are a few more....

Disney Layouts.....

I saw many Disney Layouts on others sites so I thought I would post some of mine. Anyone who has done a disney album knows that there are SOOOOO many pages to I do have many more and many more to finnish, but these...if the images come out are just the ones that I have done using CTMH papers etc. So here I go giving it a try.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Wonderful....

My Open House went rather well. I now have four booking ...and several people were interested in my workshops..I am OVERJOYED!!!! I signed my hubby and myself up for dance lessons...EXCITING....began Starting point with my church....finalized my cards for the aution basket due next week...and I have decided to create some holiday cards as my gift exchange for pokeno. I have a date with my future bosses tomorrow to finalize everything and get this job started and the dentist tuesday.....Does it ever stop. Every Weekend in Oct is BOOKED so we have decided to go to Fright Fest this month. (Great Escape theme park) . my husband has to go to San Deigo halloween our Annual halloween party will be the weekend prior and I will be enjoying myself at White Eagle with my team the weekend before....BUSY BUSY!!!! next sat is Stamp Camp and I cannot wait..... Well anyways my son has been eagerly awaiting the Scooby Doo movie on tv tonight and I LOVE scooby myself so I am going to find a nice soft spot on the couch and chill out with my little guy!!! GOD IS GOOD!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

beside pics....

Just had to add a little BLOg to my BLOG. The paper pack used in both layouts below were using CTMH Sweet Home paper pack from the current Idea Book. This has been quite a week. As I stated before I have been busy cleaning and moving, Thursday I attacked the rugs and did the crevisis of the stairs...WOW. Yesterday I was busy creating. I make the above layouts as well as started some autum cards that I plan to submit to an auction basket. For the evening entertainment my son, my husband and I all went to the Welcome back Picnic at his school, and later Mark and I watched a movie. I also signed my husband and myself up for DANCE lessons at the YMCA. This will be Interesting!!!! I thought it might spark up some romance....LOL. My girlfriend and her new bow are going to join it should justbe good old fun...NO competition here...Hey you only live I am hosting my Autum/Winter OPEn house for CTMH. This not having a job thing has really made keeping the business smooth. I have had to adapt to using what I have to make things work...and I feel almost as if I am begging people to host parties....It has been a real Bummer. Most people, understandably so, are clutching their purse strings pretty tight. I ran out of adhesive yesterday and was just about to loose my mind freeting over that delima (i have never worried about how much adhesive cost in the past, i usually have bought in in bulk online....) So I broke down and bought some cheep brand at Walmart and I am praying that that makes it...I must buy more for todays event. As i finally have the time to focus on my business...I don't have the $ to make it fact NOONE does. Holding my breath and hard sigh! Oh well...theres is always next quarter. there has also been a delay in my unemploment so I have really had to be thrifty. On the Brighter side, Monday I have a follow up to my new job...I still do not have a start date or time etc. But since this is a job I will be creating in many may take some time to get up and go. Horray for potential directions. WOW..I typed alot so i am off to getthis day a going.

Weekend is here already

Wow the week went fast. between cleaning and rearranging I was able to do some art too so here is my latest.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new day...

So we all made it through day #1 of school. My older kids reported..."they were board" my youngest was not quite impressed either....he was much more excited and active yesterday morning...this am he is back to his old morning grouch! Well at least yesterday i caught a bit of his get up an go! yesterday my gfs and I started a new tradition..yes we all have kids who have started school yrs ago...but the tradition started yesterday. We have decided that we must have a celebrational luncheon for the first day of school! We all met out for a nice lunch CHILD free and enjoyed each others company ...again CHILD freeeeee!!!!! (Well Maddy was there buts she is like 7 months old and didn't make a peep)It was great to see everyone and enjoy the time to catch up and not feel presured to get things done....So we have decided that we are going to do this ever year!!!!Plan to spend today cleaning. My youngest has always had the bedroom on the end of the hall, but expressed he wanted to be closer to my oldest agreed to switch rooms with him....let the dig out current they have been sleeping on matresses on the floor...better get moving on this. I would really like to take the time to paint..but that may have to wait...I am horrific with paint choices and i'm really not a good painter.....but I can at least get them in a bed...and start organizing. So carpet cleaning, bed moving and reorganizing...let the games begin. i did promice mary that would make it to the gym this am....well....we shall see....had my last dinner with my parents before the trip to London. My mom seemed excited...Dad...not so much he just wants to get there and be done with the flight. They will be missed!!!!I had plans to post pics but seems my camera has been hijacked...probally by a young burnette who despite her claims of "ungliness" cant seem to take enough pictures of Well I am off...GOAL- to get the rooms moved around, get to the gym, maybe play with some scrapping stuff...and Watch GHOST HUNTERS tonight!!! thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

feels like a Monday....

So here I am feeling like it should be a Monday...All kids made it on the bus this am, and off for their first day of school. I was so sure it was a Monday that I forgot that I have an OFF to school Horray!! luncheon with my girlfriends today.I knew it was on tuesday....well i glad that despite the business of starting the school year this am remembered before noon. Weekend away was nice we were busy the entire trip. Spent friday in Lake George village, and Sat. at the Theme Park. We didn't make it to the race track this year ...changing tradition. Mark and Ben went big boy golfing, while Gavin and I went to mini golf. Later that night mark and I had an evening solo and had the most delicious meal at Georges in Lake George. I was devine...
I have a goodby dinner with my parents tonight. My father is a college professor and will be teaching abroad this sememster so they are of to London tomorrow. I will miss my mother like CRAZY...will definately have to get set up with blogs or facebook before they leave...It hasn't hit yest just how much I will miss them...maybe tonight after the meal!I returned to my email for my first apt with my new employees on Monday next week....i do not have an official start date, but with the finances the way they are I am so ready to jump right back into it. I really thought that I would be spend a little time at home....but I am anxious to return to some job, as I feel the financial crunch. It seems that everything is working out justthe same... Take care of yourselves I am going to try to take advantage of the peace and quite around here and clean

Friday, September 4, 2009

labor day weekend

Wow this week has gone by so fast. We are up early packing for our long weekend. We are off to Lake George NY and spending Sunday at the Saratoga Race Track. This has become an annual tradition in our house. A weekend in the woods, (although we are staying with my husbands mother) and then off to the track. the track is my husbands thing..but on Labor day weekend they always have stuff for the kids...pony rides, jumping things, balloons, face painting, clowns, etc. So it doesn't become a stale dull day watching horses run around a I said this is my husbands thing. We have a good time just the same. So track, woods, oh yeah! and the ammusment park..we still have our season pass to use and we are going to take full advantage of this well invested item. I am planning on finnishing New Moon....(book in the twlight series) that yes..everyone else has finnished and has gone on to complete the series, and I am only on book two. Well maybe I will be done before the movie comes out on DVD. This will be a busy weekend I am sure and then it is back to school, and I have to say....A TOAST TO ALL YOU SAHM"S out THERE!!!!! I had just one full week of my children home with me and I am about to ship them off to the moon. My youngest is the tryant....and as the youngest he is the one who Has to GET his OWn way!!! So I am grateful for School to start back...thank God I didn't get Laid off any earilier. Well hubbies back and ready to hit the I will chat in here when we return. TTFN

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mid-week blues

It is Wed. early am. Day # 5 of being unemployed, and as much as I had hoped that having this time off would inspire me to focus on get to the gym, watch what I eat, take on those house hold challenges, keep up on the laundry, tackle some art projects. I have done none of those. I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe my excuse for not having enough time to take care of myself because of my job...was simply that, AN EXCUSE, now what can I use? I do have to mention that in those 5 days I did host an open scrap (and all of my craft stuff is still spilling over in the dining room), went kayacking, took a nature hike with the boys, took a swim at the YMCA, went and picked apples, saw the movie UP at the cheepy theater, wrote my resume, made 6 sets of four different designed x-mas cards, took care of my farm on farmville, and yesterday my son and I went to the NY State fair. Okay, gee suddenly I am feeling much better! Maybe I have been taking care of myself, it's just been in different ways! Thanks for letting me process this.