Thursday, March 22, 2012

march 22, 2012

Thursday mornings are sometimes more difficult then Mondays (Tuesdays for me). I am having a terrible time getting myself motivated to get up and go this am. I wasn't up late or anything? I'm just feeling terribly slugish. I am so bad about reading my emails, so yesterday did a quick search and saw an email from a friend with the heading "please pray". I quickly looked into the email and found that one of my friends husbands had passed away. I am so incredibly sorry to hear such awful news. The last few years have certainly been difficult with regards to the (young- in their 40's and 50's) many losses. I grew up with very little awareness of death, my grandparents and even one great grandparent died when I was in my 30's. Ive experienced several deaths since then even the loss of people my age with many years ahead of them, but these last few years have really made me take a look at the fact that even in my 40's death is nearer then I could imagin. I personally am not afraid to die, but the idea of loosing someone as close to me as my husband, my parents, my dear friends, is a reality I'm not ready to face. It really makes you think about the precious time we do have with one another. I do pray for my friend and send her the strenghth to make it through such difficult times. As I walk through my days complaining about the small things that irritate me or the walls that I put in front of me with the people I care about to save myself from fear I will rember that we only have God's gift of today and work hard to make each and everyone special.

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