Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb. 29th 2012

Good Morning Wednesday. Goodbye Feb!Anyone else look at the past and think, gee where did the time go? It really doesnt seem that long ago when.....Sometime I just gotta sing that Talking Heads song. "How did I get here?" "This isn't my beautiful life". I think Im getting better at staying in the today, but I do have a habit of wishing for and running to the "somedays". Have you ever watched a movie, heard a song, or hear someone recall something and the time frame it came out or happened, seems a million years ago, but the time or the event you can recall like it was yesterday. People talk about the 80's like they were the 50's and I think to myself, gee that wasn't really that long ago come on now. Sometimes my youngest will ask me silly questions like; did you have tv, cars, electricity when you were a kid? Really? Really? Wow!!! I think back and remember things that seem so vivid...they could never had taken place nearly 30 years ago. I have a few friends that are comming up to their 20th+ wedding anniversary, hellsbell I have a kid about to hit 19-. It seems like a flash those 20 years. I went to my HS reunion a few years back and as my hubby and I ate pizza accross the street of the venue (I hate sushi), I kept watching these bald men enter and thinking....maybe were at the wrong place or maybe there's a 40th reunion going on as well. Just where did the time go? Speaking of time I may have to think this thought through off the computer and in the shower....running late. TTFN

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