Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb. 16th 2012

Well....weeks is almost over. There really isn't much going on!!! Survived work, made it home made a big batch of frosting for my cake decorating class, did a mad dash to the grocery store, went to class only to find sitting in my seat at class was an elderly lady with a quilt square. WT? Somehow they double booked the room. Class is CA!!!! Well a little disappointed I went home. Maybe I should have taken my butt to the gym instead, but relieved that I really didn't have much else that I HAD to do for the evening I went home. Been working on my week to week scrapbook, I just need my pictures developed to finalize and I'm actually caught up to the current week. I have enjoyed putting together a weekly "diary" of my life. What has been fun is I wouldnt usually scrap most of this stuff, and I have using up my old stuff. It's alot easier to find scraps of paper to fit a 4x6 mini page then a 12x12. Plus Im diging into my old stickers I've had left around for years. Great idea!!! Thanks for the challenge whoever came up with it. Today is my low key day at work,. No group scheduled just individual session. Pretty much a day to catch up on back work, and I feel pretty caught up already (knock on wood, that never happens and I shouldnt speak of it...). Spoke with my dear friend Kelly last night. Damn do I miss her. She moved to Fl about six-seven years ago. I've been fortunate that she has made several visits back north, Ive made one down south, and we call all the time, but it would be nice to have her here all the time. We met in the HEY Day of our wild and crazy bachlorette days. Yes we were wild. Found our "true " (not really) loves around the same time had children and as it happened found ourselves as single parents together. If your gonna have to raise children alone may you be as fortunate to have at least one awsome gal pal whose going through it with ya. (not that I would wish single parenthood on anyone) it was just easier to have somone who was dealing with all that single parenthood had to bring with it with you. So she was there during some hard times, certainly some happier times and boy was it nice to have her this time. Looking at the clock it appears that despite the written word that there was not alot going on I have certainly found a way to make the time pass, and I had better get a move on. TTFN.

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