Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb. 28th 2012

Tuesday already? Because I only work four days a week, sometimes by the time Tuesday rolls around it feels like its been weeks since I last worked. I guess that can be considered a blessing sor some. Right now it just feels like...man back to work. I took the little guy into the Dr's. yesterday, he has a planters wart..yes YUCK! What was interesting is how they treat this, a little frost and duct tape. Weird right? Well now my son has duct tape on his foot. Guess we'll just have to see what happens. I got myself an appointment for an overhall check up in a few weeks. still need to call on a mammy. Enjoyed dinner with my mom, my eldest and my youngest last pm and then my little guy and I watched Puss and Boots as an evening treat. Hubby took advantage of some overtime and did the night shift. So here we are, looking at day one of my work week. trying hard to keep it in the positive. Forced smile. remember you have a job!!!!! I sometimes wonder if I would enjoy my job more if I didn't have the three day break in between. Maybe I should go back to work full time....What am I crazy? Hold out get your schooling done, get that last kid to an age where he can do more independently (without paying a sitter) and then think about returning full time, and then REALLY think if where I'm at is where I want to go back full time. Thought I would post my last four weeks of the 52 weeks this year. I started late so I'm glad I caught up. Working on week #7 (I think) this week. only 45 more weeks of 2012 to go! Wow when you think about it that way. There's alot one can do in 45 weeks. If I lost 2 pounds a week in 45 weeks, (Ok Pipe Dream) thats 90 pounds!!!! Certainly would get me to my DREAM weight. It would be great to bring in the new year weight loss then how much weight do I need to loose. If I save $20- a week for 45 weeks thats $900 bucks. Hey this is a cool idea. Thinking I might work on these little increments and see what happens. Plan to have a few more before the days up. Enjoy my layouts.

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