Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb. 10th 2012

TGIF- So glad its Friday. Thursday went quick I did alot of work and got caught up on several things which is always nice. I was going to go with my family (2 of the 6) to Lake George this weekend for My Husbands friends 40th birthday, but I have so much to do and my daughter has to work on Sat. so my hubby was nice enough to let me stay home and do me. I need this weekend. Tonight is consultant club with my favorite upline Sandy. I am excited to play with the new papers and her ideas are always great. I have been so behind with my CTMH business that I haven't even purchased a piece of new stuff. I really need to do so. Plus I need to get on the girls to have a play date. Only a few more weeks in Feb. so I had better get a move on with that! Gotta get on the horn with my daughters medical to re-schedule her PPD again. She needs to have two done within a two to four week period for her to start clinical. She finally had her blood done yesterday. Clinical starts the first week in March. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. We did one series of the TB, but as always something came up for the second. The first time we were on the wrong day and nonone could be available to read the results two days later. My hubby took her to getthe blood work done and he forgot the insurance cars so that didnt happen. It has truly been an ordeal to take care of this..and now were scrambling to get this done. Printed up the little guys Valentine's day cards. I found the template off pinterets. I will post later when they are complete. I had originally started to make monkey heads out of punches, and found that I just was not in the mood to punch 100 plus shapes and glue them together, so quick change up...thank you computer printer and idea from pinterest. I needed printer ink so we took a trip to K-Mart...(secretly I had planned to look at lawn furniture etc. and start a layaway plan). loooking loooking looking....I needed a new gazabo (sp) so that was really the plan. I found that I was not happy with any of them and $500 on sale was not worth it especially if I am not to fond of it. Got my cart full of assorted other items, but nothing worthy of layaway....I find a $300 grill on clearance for $149- I am psyched!!!! Here's fathers day!!! Drag the grill and assorted items to the layaway dept. ring the bell and find that clearance items are not layawayable! BUMMER!!!!! So wish I had an extra $100 laying around, but I have committed to saving $100 for my licensure application and as I mentioned I want to buy some new CTMH stuff. Missing the days when I was making $60.000.00 + a year instead of my $20,000.00 now. Curse YOU enconomy!!!!! Any hoot, I have till spring to get my garden all set and if I work it just right I should have the extra money for my application by mid March and plenty of time before spring hits. So excited for the maleless weekend, and taking care of me. Crafting, cleaning, gym and the girls here I come!!!! Sorry Matt, happy 40th anyway!!!!

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