Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Feb. 24th 2012

I so curse the On Demand channels. Last evening I went on Demand to catch the last few minutes of "Face Off" as I had fell asleep the night before and missed the last looks. Damn if I dont see this promo for another syfy show called "Lost Girl". I am a big True Blood fan, read every Sookie book, watched and read every Twlight, and I usually cant wait for Sunday night to watch Once Upon a Time.....I Guess I'm a BIG sucker for those Fantasy shows and once I got a taste of Lost Girl, I was hooked. The promo said new, so I thought Okay, when am I ever in contol of the TV, have it all to myself, no interuptions, no cartoon network and its new, whats one episode?...So I figured I watch an episode and see what I thought. Six episods later and 9pm at night I finally got myself off the couch and thought gee I better get sone things done around here and get ready for bed soon. I enjoyed the show, but Im angry at myself for letting my night of just me become absorbed by that idiot box that allowed me to transend into another world for nearly six hours. (at least I could fast forward through the commercials, or it would have been closer to 10pm when I snapped out of my tv induced coma.) My home always has some visual stumulis running weather it be a television, a computer, an ipad, x-box, wii and so on and so on. It's almost never quiet. I cant even sleep without that stupid tv running all night. How did I get here? I have never been a totally silent all electronics off kind of a gal, but I never would have found myself six hours deep into the television later going OMG the days is done and I missed most of it. My whole family is hooked ( except for my daughter, shes far to socially involved to be slowed down by meaningless electronics). Last nights COMA was not the first time I have spent several hours fixed at the screen, there have been many a day/evening/night where I suddenly AWAKE and find hours have past and I have not noticed, so what is so BIG about last night? Well, I guess last night was the first time I really thought what a WASTE!!!! There are times in the early hours of the am that I will wake up with anxiety about all the things I should have done, need to do, HAVE to do and I'll obsess about it, cant get back to sleep as a result and it will impact my day. Well if I had NOT spent the day before watching hours of mindless TV or scrolling through some strangers blog, playing jungle jewel for the 100th time then maybe just maybe I would have had those things done. Its an ADDICTION!!!! I work with reovering drug/alcohol addicts every day. Their "diease" is pretty black and white! They use a substance and their lives are unmanagable, so they have to stop. Perhaps being in an electronics based coma is not exactally the same as using crack, but I'm pretty darn close to needing an intervention!!!! (Speaking of coma...I just realized I have less then an hour to get myself ready for work). SEEE!!!!! How easy it is to get sucked in!!!!! Long and short of it!!!! I've gotta get a handle on this. I will start right now by committing to one hour of computer at most daily. I am gonna think about the TV time a little more and write about it in my 1-hour tomorrow. Til then tic tic tic hours well run out!

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