Friday, February 17, 2012

TGIF-Feb. 17th 2012

Made it to another weekend!!!! My mother in law is coming into town this weekend and we all have plans to enjoy my step son's Karate. Tonight is board breaking and tomorrow is the graduation show! I gotta give his mother credit...with practices three to four times a week, early weekend mornings in the cold, late Friday night practices...and she doesnt miss a one, even if my husband is bringing him. I really dont know if Id have the dedication. I would squak at any of my own kids rehersals, practices, dance and games and most of those for the exception of my daughters theater was at most two days a week. My youngest has shown an interest in football and around here if your playing popwarner football your a parent "invested" not just with time but money, volunteer, bake sales and solicitation of raffle tickets. So if he's gonna do it....I guess I better learn to be one of those kinds of parents. When I was a kid, I played HOCKEY (yeah girls hockey). It was pretty much unheard of unless you lived boardering Canada. We were the only local team, so that pretty much ment we had MILEs to go to play a game some games in Canada...and guess who drove, put up hotel money, dropped off and pick up from practice at sometimes 5am on a cold Sat. morning? My MOM!!!! Gotta love her....maybe I'm just to selfish? I guess if my kids were committed to something I'd do it too. I might grumble through it, but I'd stick it out. Wow- my husbands ex would be shocked to hear that I admire much of anything about her....(must have taken some happy pills this am). Bubbe on her way, house somewhat straighten up, chicken wing dip in the crock pot (I love that stuff!!!!) Looks like things are in order. Posted pictures of all my sons valentines and look at this cute mp3 player made of candy!! to Cute.

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