Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb. 13th 2012

These are the layouts we made at Consulant Club- Designs by Sandy VanNorstrand my amazing upline and dear friend.

I must have been in the delorian yesterday. I thought it was Feb. 11 all day. Missed the 12th of the month somehow. Sunday was uneventful. Infact I really don't have much to say. Family returned! Worked on Nick's financial aide. Did more scrappin. Caught up on the weeks that I missed to be on the current week so I can continue to scrap my life one week at a time. Made speghetti for dinner, helped the little guy with his first take home project, and watched Once Upon a Time before bed. Way to much action for one day. Not! I am excited for the next two weekends, although my hubby will not be around for our big date night with everyone; I'm gonna go with another friend whose hubby wont be around as well. We have Karate, Karate and more Karate next weekend, then hubby and kids gone again for the Feb. break! Guess I'll be doing more scrappin. Well, I had better get ready for the day. My daughter has more shots for clinical this am, and I gotta get the little guy ready for school.

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