Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 19th 2012

Good Morning!!!! Yesterday was quite the event!!! My step son had his Karate graduation!!! The performance was amazing and we are so proud of him. 2nd degree blackbelt. They had several board breaking demos, I enclosed pictures here. I was out of this world, and we had great seats! After the show we relaxed in the hotel hot tub, did a little swimming, had a nice late lunch early dinner and went home. Hubby fell asleep and I did too shortly after. Busy but relaxing! My youngest is off to his Bubbe's house for the week, going to meet them at the hotel before they leave and I'm off to church. After that the house is going to be pretty quiet! My hubby is planning on leaving for Lake George with out Karate all star on Wednesday so it will be me, the teen (who is never home anyways) and the dog again for the weekend. Fortunately I have a pretty busy week ahead of me with lots to do so there shouldn't be any time to miss them much. I will anyways, who am I kidding. Still in stand off with the husband. He really is stubborn. I know it isn't healthy, isn't right and all those other things, but I refuse to cave in. Its his turn to approach me and say hey lets work on this. I know....there shouldn be a tic for tac, but come on, I always make the first move! Anyways like I said I've got alot on my plate this week and we have alot of time with NO distractions (at least till Wednesday) so at some point soon well have to sit down and discuss all of this. Sending pics of Karate!

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