Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 27th 2012

Good Morning- I had a great weekend. I have been trying hard to incorporate my graitude and I really do have alot to be grateful for. Family is all home!!!! Back to normalacy! Starting diet one million and ten. Yeah- whatever. I have decided that instead of calling it a diet, instead simply a healthy meal plan. I suck at diets!!!!! I had some of my gal pals over yesterday for an afternoon of scrapping. I never get a whole lot done during these "open" scrap events that I host at my home, I tend to be more hostessing then working, but I did manage to catch up on my Weekly scrapping project- (Still lacking some pictures). I also found about 20 already colored and super cute cupcakes stamped by myself who knows when, so I made a bunch of easy birthday cards! (you can never have enough birthday cards). Best part of the all home and seeing some of my great friends. To add to this amazing day, I got a CTMH order out of the deal, not a big buster of a sale but enough, a phone call from one of my bestest friends (whom I haven't spoke to in like forever), a bunch of big hugs from my little guy, and my hubby and I snuggled all night. Amazing the attitude change if you stopbeing so damn negative. So plans for have guests at your home your definately gonna have to clean up, (well worth the mess) a little shopping- gotta get a meal plan in place for the week; especially if I'm gonna be diet(opps) I mean eating healthier. Do some phone calls to health providers; recognizing that I really need to get a physical (yuck), a mammy, and my little guy has a problem with his foot. (putting the dentist off till last- I HATE the dentist, not enough graitude in the world will put me in the positives for that one. Gonna do some checking into planning our family vacation. All parties that be...actually the two youngest, have deemed a trip to Hershey Park this year as vacation destination 2012. I've been, both little guys have been as well....not sure why this was identified a the #1 choice, but chocolate town USA here we come. Thoughts are cloudy as the week I planned to go is also week of graduation. ( I have a difficult time with crowds and try hard to coordinate trips to places that I know crowds will be at; ammusment parks mostly around the beginning or the ending of summer vacation. ) Our 2008 Disney trip was planned years in advance and well organized so we could avoid any and all crowds- we were, I must say for the exception of the Pirates of the Carribean and meeting Cpt. Hook crowdless. I am also big on preparing for these trips almost to the point that my family hates me. I'll boast that we did not miss a thing at Disneyworld thanks to my plan, fast passes, off season, and early arrival- we got to MGM so early the parking lot attendants were not even there yet, road the Yeti 2xs, kids flashed lightsabers at Darth Vadar, near front row seats for the Nemo Show and finnished Fantasy land within the time the PeterPan ride reported a wait time as we were leaving the area. I have also planned trips so well developed that we have found ourself standing around looking at each other because we had completed the agenda in 1/2 the time I planned and everyones looking at me saying....Now What? Lets just say Niagara Falls clifton Park area looks much more entertaining then it really is and does not take much time to stroll its high slooped streets. I have also had some very successful unplanned trips with very relaxed adgenda, but typically these have not been to ammusment parks. I guess I figure if I'm gonna pay all this money to come to some ammusment park- I'm gonna get all my bang for the buck.....and our family usually does! So where was I.....Hershey Park. Right! My original plan was to leave after work on Thurs. around 3pm drive straight to the Park, spend two days in the local area to maximize all that the area provides and head south to Lancaster- camp at Jellystone and return home by the following Thursday. Graduation is that Saturday. So change in plans. Leave Sunday- go camping enjoy Lancaster-see the Jonah show at sights and sounds theater, either got to Hershey from the camp ground one day, or leave Thursday and stay at Hershey for two days on our way home. So I'm torn. Gonna have to do some re-planning. I'm sure this has been so boring for you. Posting my weekly project and off to take care of business.

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