Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb. 8th 2012

Wow! Did I have alot on my mind yesterday. So what steps have I taken since my last entry? I did watch what I was eating the whole day yesterday and I did not to bad. I didnt make a gym run, but I did go to the grocery store and made some wise purchases. Salad, fruit etc. The one big thing that I did do was spoke with one of my old dear friends about the going back to school. She was a real motivator and has given me a deadline to get the funds together for the licensure application. The fee is $371- . I dont have an extra $1- these days so I recall that this financial ROADBLOCK has been a big part in why my pursuit to obtain this piece has been delayed. So the agreement was, I will take $100- from my next three paychecks and bug my hubby for the additional $71- so that I can have the application submitted by the middle of March. She is working on her own application to law school and has reported her own deadline at the end of Feb. Having an extra support in this cant hurt and she is a big cheerleader! Once my application is submitted, NY state will finally agree to "speak" to me (they had refused before stating until I have to submit my application and fee, before they could help me.) thanks NY. Anyways once I can speak with them i should be able to get a clear picture of what courses I need to take to meet their educational requirements. What happened is I graduated prior to the licensure being in place. I never submitted my application to be "grandfathered in" so I lost that opportunity. Now if I want the licensure I gotta go back and get the course work required. Thing is noone is willing to tell me what that might be. So until I get that taken care of Im stuck. Good news is that I may be eligable to get remitted tutition from my employer. So that being said...FREE classes is FREE classes and I might as well take advantatge of it. Plan is tby March have said application submitted, by April have a good idea about what is expected for the schooling. By May have spoken to the school identified what classes I can getin (I may need to apply) which could suck because my home school agreed to let me wave the application/acceptance and simply let me take the coursework I need. Since I didnt graduate from SU, this may mean I will have to enter as a brand new student. Bummer. Long story short. Have everything lined up, classes ready to be taken...beg for the re-mitted tutition from my employer and I should be ready to go back by Sept. In the mean time, I am excited to report that I have followed up on my News Years resolution to learn new things and have cake decorating class 101 again tonight. Very excited! And I am excited to report that I had an awsome furniture find. Two lawn chairs- they need the pillow seats, but what a great $6- find. I also did make one item I saw on pinterest. Nothing really to technical, but hey I did do it. (attempting to post). Making this blog be my accountability!!! Looks like I left little time for myself to get ready for work, so till next time. I am feeling more productive today and yes...there is a smile sitting on my face.

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