Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb. 11, 2012

Good Morning- I thought I had my day planned out yesterday. Cleaning, shopping, scrapping. I did all three, but the time frame didnt stretch and at about 4pm I was missing my family, the house was making (it's to quite) noises, and I was board! My daughter....reported she needed a "girls night" and went to her friends house...well hello!!! I'm a girl don't I count? TG my friend and neighbor rescued me and she and her hubby kept me entertained til about 11pm. We watched "redkneck vaction" (Or maybe it was hillbillie vacation) I dont know, but it kept us entertained. House was cleaned by 10 am, I went thrifty shopping, had my favorite soup at Wegmans (Cheddar Broccoli) took a sub to go for my dinner, (I ate my lunch at the Wegman's cafe- I have decided that Wegmans is the Disneyworld of groceries, everyone was SO gosh darn NICE!- Thank you Danny) went to both Joanne's and AC Moores. I skipped Hobby Lobby, (I was only suppose to be window shopping, and I had already maxed any budget) so I decided I'd better go home. Got home and started to scrap. I had seen a post about a weekly scrap of one's life and although were at week 5 of the New Year, I started the first and second week (shown here). I've got all day today, so I'm gonna try and get caught up. I have been hitting up my sticker stash from about five years ago to make this project come to life. What fun. No pictures from about Jan. 1-Jan. 20th as my camera was broken and in the shop. This was the second year I didnt get any Christmas or G-mans Birthday pictures. (Whats with that? I seem to break a camera every year.. and around the same time). I had hit the thrifty store, looking for some hidden gems (no luck). The furniture prices for second hand stuff seems high to me, I did find this cute set of scrubs for my daughter at $3- and I got each member of the family a little box of chocolates for V-Day! It was really quite an enjoyable day! TTFN- Off to Church, get a Sunday Paper so I can plan my attack on the grocery store with my COUPONS and weekly meal planner, then to scrappen while I await the return of my family. God Bless!

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Katie Cavanaugh said...

Hi Wendy! It's Katie from the blog hop post is now sorry that you missed seeing it earlier! By the way, happy you were able to find new scrubs for your daughter!