Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Feb. 22

HUMP day as they say. Not sure if Iam excited about this Wednesday as My hubby leaves today, and by the time I get back from work this pm....It's me going SOLO til Sunday. Guess I'll have to keep myself busy. Enjoyed a nice dinner with two of my gal pals before the theater where we met up with my mother. Le Miserables was amazing. I always get a little irratated when I watch a performance that is ALL singing (I have never attended an Opera, although isn't a play that they sing through really an opera?). I find it hard to follow the plot when they sing. But this was pretty great. It took me a minute or two to get what was going on, mainly because I am not so aware of French history (or much of the US history for that matter), but as the performace continued I started to get it!!! The music was wonderul, the stage and props were just outstanding, and I really did try not to cry at the end. Had a tough day at the job, but I decided that if Im gonna get this licensure done I better take the steps I need to take. Did a quick look at the course work offered at SU and there is one class that I could take during the summer. Long hours two days a week, but that will get one done, and we will have to see what the fall semester looks like for the rest. Cursing myself for not getting this done a long time ago. Going back to school is a whole lot harder when your older and I'm so less inspired to put the work in. I think many would agree that once you've obtained your Masters degree and you suddenly find yourself working in a position that you could have had before your Masters (in many cases before you even have your bachlors) Loose that one position your degree is suitable for and wake up one day to find that that damn Masters degree isn't worth a thing without the licensure that your degree doesnt meet because it was in place before the licensure was. Now I find myself having to go back and get this done just so I can go back to a job I once had. Guess I had better just stop complaining about it and get er done. Going to do some more research this wek just to make sure I got my ducks in a row. It's been 8 years since I took a college course and the whole idea of taking one freaks me out, I really done know where to start. Till then I guess.

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