Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb. 23, 2012

Week is moving along. Family is all gone. Home alone! Even the teens are taking off. My two "big" kids are off to their fathers today. That should be interesting. long pause.....He has always been the "Santa Claus" kind of dad. Imaginary, left up to interperation, shows up once a year with goodies. (many times without goodies, often just shows up and he's not as perdictable as Santa.) This week he pulled out the Santa card and at the last teens are reporting a trip to see their "Dad". I've never stopped them from seeing him, never said ill will of him, I have let their own young minds decide what kind of a father he is to them and left it at that. He has and he will (although he is totally dillusional) report to the day of his death he has done the "best that he can" as a father. Many would rebuttal that statement, but he is who he is. I long stopped being bitter that he has been "unable" (I use that word simply because I cannot imagin another) to be a father to his kids. For a long time my son decided to just forget about him and clearly noted he didnt need the stranger known as his father. My daughter, well she struggles with hero complex and has decided that this man is truly amazing and the only man who really loves her. I have to admit he has been more involved witth the both of them since they have become teens so I will give him that. Unfortunately his relationship with them more resembles a buddy, pal, dude, and friend then a father! Of course when confronted on some of his "bad" behaviors regarding the kids he attempts to sound mature and parental. Not even gonna go there. I tried to fix him 17 years ago.....he's still broken and I learned a hard can't "fix" another human being. ( not that I haven't pulled out my human fixing toolbox since, but I am better.) Enough about are happy to see him, and that is all that I can want. Was hoping to have some time this weekend just with them, but I get them all the time....I'm okay with it. Besides....they don't stay to long with me before some friend calls and I fall short. Last evening was cake decorating 101 class #3. Here are my bizzare flowers. I only had so much icing since last week the class was CA last minute I had covered thouse cup cakes leaving only a little bit left so I had to make what I had stretch, plus I think my icing was to soft. Blue icing makes such nice magnollia's and soft icing makes them wilt just slightly. I think they still look pretty cool...Just add spongebob or the little mermaid and those are some really awsome under water cup cakes. Enough for me I'm running late anyways.. See what happens when the hubby isn't around to get me up and make my coffee, plus I gotta take the garbage out.

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