Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Feb. 21, 2012

Good Morning- Gonna find it difficult to type as my hubby is here making fun of me...in a loving way. I just can't absorb myself in my thoughts. I guess thats okay because I really dont have any inspirational thoughts anyways. Enjoyed a lazy day of several hours of CSI and a nice dinner out with my mom and my daughter. It's nice to have time for the three of us. It's hard to believe that my little girl is almost an adult. 17 this year and my eldest will be 19 in just a few short months. We went to Michales after dinner and I took advantage of the 25% off everything coupon. There were so many spring colors and flowers and cute items I wanted to go a little CRAZY, but did well and spent less than $14-. I dont get out to Michales much we have a Hobby Lobby, an AC Moores, and a JoAnnes just minutes from me, Michales is father out. So this was a great treat. Work today, trying hard to keep reminding myself that its just a job and not my identity. Tonight is the theater with two of my gal pals who incidentily had a birthday within the last few days so it will be nice to spend the evening with them. Dinner and then "Les Mis". This is the second year that I purchased the broadway series tickets. Every month or so I get to see a little broadway in my own home town. Three top favorites so far; The Lion King, The Color Purple and Legally Blonde! Tonights show should rate as one of the best based on the reports. Gee, my hubby really needs to go back to work....no more vacation time for you!!!! He thinks he's entertaining. Guess, Id better give him a little attention before I hit the day running.

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