Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb. 9th 2012

Happy Thursday!!!! I made it through the day. This 'new" attitude has really been helpful. I was tempted to complain about my job yesterday but I stopped myself and actully my issue worked out. Enjoyed my second cake decorating class last evening. I know its not perfect and my cake was too short to torte, but I was impressed with myself. Last time I frosted a cake I lifted the top off with it and pretended the tin foil was the reason it was such a mess. Two more weeks and I'll be a pro. Today is my Step-son Ben's 13th birthday!!!! As the kids get older, it just reminds me of how fast time flies. I have been the perpetual can't wait to get this day over for so long that sometimes I forget to just enjoy the today! Although I was not there on the day of his birth, I have been there to see him grow from a scared shy little guy to this amazingly active and driven teen. My daughter and I have a date to get her blood work done this pm. Not that she is ill, because she is not fortunately, but she needs to have bllod drawn for her to engage in her clinical at school. She is taking the nursing program at BOCES and needs to have her own medical all taken care of. My female child (the only one of the four) has been my biggest challenge. She has tested my wills and my patience more so then any child could. My mom has reported its payback. If thats the case I am sooo praying that she doesnt see the need to TOP my behaviors. Looking back....I dont know how my mom survived. I was a terrible teen. It appears that for now, the worst is behind us. (Crossing fingers, toes, strands of hair). Its kindof like PTSD....I'm still on guard for Linda Blair to come back...commence the throwing of the Holy water. For now, I am pleased that she is taking responsibility for her behaviors. Speaking of responsibility...I guess I should get on my own and get off this machine so I can get ready for the work day. Til next time.

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Thank you, Wendy, for following my blog, Zetta's Aprons. I am so pleased you are joining us. I am following you as well. =D