Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb. 11, 2012

Saturday morning!!!! I'm home alone for the weekend, for the exception of Peanut (the dog) and my teen aged daughter who will barely be here anyways. Actually quite enjoying the demand free moments. Made these cute valentines for my youngests third grade class. Pretty gross with the cockroaches....but he loves them. I FOUND THEM OFF PINTEREST- Since I do not know the source, I am THANKING them just the same. I am sure they will be a BIG hit!!! I enjoyed last evenings Consultants Club. We played with the CTMH Victory paper pack and Sandy's magic made them look totally "non-male". Ever wonder just how the house gets so darn messy? I swear just two weeks ago I spent all day doing a deep clean and the house already looks like a bomb went off. There really only four of us that spend anytime here.....just how do we make such a mess? the plan is to pump my 80's music and clean. Later I hope to be creative in my little (diningroom) craftroom. I think I'm gonna do some window shopping too.I really was inspired by the vintage Valentine's I saw on someones blog and I am hoping I can find some scrapping paper with the "vintage" look so I can create some valentine decorations. I also want to explore some ideas for my family for Valentines day. Thinking a nice dinner, and maybe I will make a cake. I've never been "big" on the holiday, which would explain why there are so few valentines decorations and really nothing in my stash (even hearts) to pull out and create with. Trying to be thrifty (gotta keep my eye on the fact that I have commited to saving $100- from this paycheck for that application.) I havent gone grocery shopping yet this week, so I've gotta look at what we have and plan out this weeks meals. I also am going to splurge and order some CTMH stuff. Anyway you divide's gonna be tight. We recieved Nick's acceptance to college letter yesterday. I was gushing all over, he seemed to act as if he already knew. He reported he did. I still am proud. This is my kid who just two years ago reported he was gonna quit school and get his GED. This is the same kid who three years ago I was arguing with the school counselor that he was NOT going to be on my couch, living off me, woking some menial job at the age of 25. This is the same kid who from the age of five was so distracted, and struggling so much with school was evaluated and found to have ADHD. This is also the same kid whose assistance teacher (he was in added help and had an IEP) had the BALLS to tell me I needed to get help with my parenting skills or at least therapy, because I refused to "hold his hand" through his education process. So with that can imagin how PROUD I am to recieve such a letter. Great thing about it is....he did this all on his own. How's that for NOT holding his hand through his education process. Funny how when we stop enabling others they seem to rise to the occation. (still holding my breath over my daughter with this one, but she seems pretty determined.) Thing is she only see's the goal and not the steps she needs to get there. Gee!!!! I wonder who that sounds like?????? Well the day is already creeping away and I only have like48 hours of 'just me" and the dog, so I better get a move on. TTFN!

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