Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15th 2012

Better today. Still have some lingering anger, but better. I was able to make some sugar cookies that I found in the fridge and the kids helped to decorate! I made some Valentines day cards and a nice dinner. Irritability still lingers with my husband....I still feel the issue was left unresolved, and I feel like we have the same argument over and over and over again! My relationship tendencies are to shut down and get out. Of course I haven't acted on that in many many years and I havent thought about leaving my husband, but I can feel myself shutting off. A big warning sign for me is when they breathe and it reminds you of someone running their nails down a chalk board..Thats when I know I'm on my way to DISENGAGE! For the most part I tend to be Pissed off for a few days and move on. It be a lot easier to move on, if the issue was different or even if I felt like we were on the same damn page with things. For the record; No he is not having an affair and No I am not in any way shape or form being abused. On that same note, I'm not having an affair or abusing him either. Things do have to change however...and apparently I'm the only one who can make a change if I'm the one who continues to be bothered by it. For now, I'm gonna sit comfortably in my distance! On to better things. Work today! My daughter gets TB reading #2 for clinical, cake decorating tonight and I think that new show faceoff is on at 10pm. (totally think what they do with makeup and a little casting mold is amazing)! For the most part, it could be a decent day!!!! Here are some pics of valentines day treats.

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