Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Feb. 20th Presidents Day

Weeekend over...Bummer. No kids for the rest of the week. I guess I should be excited. I just can't seem to find anything to do with myself. Did some house cleaning right down to the stripping of the sheets, scrubbing of the tubs, dusting, and windows. Watched a movie at 7am this morning. (Body woke up at the normal week time 5am). I guess I could hit the scrapping, but I still havent developed those 101 pictures and I keep adding more to the memory card, and although its fun to make potential pages, I really would like to have some finished work. Maybe I'll take myself to the store and have a bunch done. My hubby and I had a cheep dinner out last night. We went to CiCi's Pizza place. Its a Pizza Buffet!!!! I had a coupon and we had no food to cook (still don't, but I have dinner plans til Wednesday night.) Grocery shopping???Maybe on Thursday. I was introduced to CiCi's pizza in Maryland when my daughters girlscout troop took a trip to Washington DC. This cheep all you can eat pizza buffet was a BIG score for the girls after hours at the Musems, statue viewing, The White House and metro trips. CiCi's won big again when the family hit Orlando and the big Disney World vacation in 2008. We enjoyed it so much we ate there 2 times during that week. There wasnt a CiCi's local until just reciently at least to my awareness, so for $12- (cheeper then if we hit Micky D's) we had a salad, pleanty of pizza, desert and an endless supply of diet coke. (funny isn't it to have a diet soda when one just ate an entire weeks worth of calories.) Not so romantic, but it was nice to get out together...we needed that. I always get excited when I can get a deal anyways so I was already in a good mood when the bill for two adults to eat like pigs was only $12-. Trying to starve myself today...I'm off to dinner again tonight with my mom and tomorrow I have theater tickets with the girls and dinner was planned into it....oh yeah and Friday I have a dinner date before the comedy show. Last Friday - Friendly's, Sat was Pier 57, Sunday was CiCi's tonight is Zebbs, tomorrow has not been clarified and out again this coming Friday .....Gee and I wonder why I am so fat and broke. Diet will have to start once the family is all back from vacation and were back into routine. Have a few discount coupons for today only at AC Moore- (55% off) might have to hit the stores before the night falls on us. Back to work tomorrow....I'm not gonna worry about it...I'm not. For now I am just gonna relax and enjoy the fact that I am no longer stewing in my anger at my hubby and that I dont have to watch spongebob or wait for the computer. Happy Presidents Day!!!!

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