Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb. 18th 2012

The breaking of the BOARDS!!!!
Last evening was exciting. Once the family all arrived home from work school and out of town we headed to enjoy my step sons Karate event. (big show is today). Last night was an intro to what we will be seeing today and BOARD BREAKING!!!! I have to say I was pretty impressed. It is so nice to see the end result he worked so hard at getting to this pt. (2nd degree black belt). The way they moved was like dance all synchronized and with music. It was pretty amazing. I really cant wait to see more this afternoon. We had pretty good seats right up close, but after 2 and 1/2 hours of sitting on high school benches crowded between many people I was done. My back was killing me, had it been an unexciting event I may have just walked. Glad I didn't it was quite enjoyable. Once they had done a practice of the stage show it was on to breaking the boards. (I thought that only happened in the movies). I was awed watching boards breaking left and right with what appeared to be little effort even from little girls that had to be younger then my son. It was truly amazing! My step son broke a board with his hand and one with his foot. Pretty freeken COOL. Once it was all over we found a Friendly's had a nice dinner and it was soon 9:30 and time for bed. Long day with work, mother in law, benches and slow waitresses but outweighed by income, family, an amazing display of my step son's abilities and achievements and of course a turkey club melt with a dip of my spoon in my son's monster mash sundae. Cheers!

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