Saturday, May 26, 2012

These BAD BAD BAD habits!!!!

Well it's Memorial Day weekend, and as much as I love the warm summer months approaching, I am not excited to have to start wearing the clothing expected for this season....meaning bathing suits, shorts, t-tops.....The kind of clothing where you cannot get away with baggy pants, big bulky sweats and long sweaters or blazers to cover the mounds of white flesh beneath. Not to mention that I cannot seem to move as agile as I would like and my skin is so ghostly white I might be mistaken for a zombie. DISGUSTING!!!! If I haven't said it before...I am saying it again....TIME to LOOSE some WEIGHT! No LONGER is weight loss a beauty thing.....but I am quite sure if I ever bring myself to get my FAT ass to the Dr. it would most certainly be a MUCH needed health thing. I am sure that he would say sternly.....YOU HAVE GOT TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!! My weight has gotten so out of control that I struggle to do simple things like cleaning, walking, moving, even sitting has become uncomfortable. I have so much to do, there are about a million projects needing to be addressed in this house and the whole thought of moving around to do it makes me stress. I have a few other vices that need attention as well. My addiction to not the ones found in windows that would just be weird. But the tv screens, the computer screens, the video game screens (i can't play, but I have no problems sitting for hours watching the rest of my family play), even my new found love; my phone screen. If it means I can just sit, use just my fingers ONLY,  mindlessly dragging out my day.....I seem to be attracted to it. I will find myself on this computer at least five times a day...removing myself to do a small task like load the dishes, do some shopping or of course eat; although I can do both eating and playing on the computer at the same time. To find myself sitting HERE again playing the one millionth game of Jungle Jewels or taking care of my kingdom, FB stalking, checking in on The Real House Wife's.....catching a quick glimpse on pinterest and of course searching blogs. Every morning the routine is the same:get up, brush the teeth, have a cigarette (YES another BIG vice) grab a cup of coffee (at least I do not use cream and sugar) and head for the computer. FB is usually already on as my Hubby is also a victim of SCREEN ADDICTION. If I'm not on the computer I can usually be found watching some incredibly dumb reality show about  girls who cant find dates, evil brides to be, crazy mothers who want their child to be the best pageant contestant or number one dancer, beautiful women with rich husbands that need to air their dirty laundry, or some other amazingly waste of my time on tv. You have already heard vice #3. Good old NICOTINE addiction. This has NO excuses, (not that the other two do either) but the disgusting, expensive, down right YUCKY addiction to voluntarily inhaling pollutants into my lungs is just about the stupidest thing ever. Of course I have excuse after father never loved me, I had a difficult upbringing, I lack self confidence, EVERYone else is doing it,  it's just to stressful, I'd quit if my family was more stable, I had a better job, more money, more time, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! ( I really could go on with the excuses, I really really could.) Enough! These BAD BAD BAD habits have got to STOP!!!! It is time to take the bull by the horns and make the bad habits be gone. So I am going to start now.....right after I eat some JUNK, check on my computer Kingdom, and smoke this last cigarette.

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