Saturday, June 2, 2012

OH DO I SUCK! Gotta get those EXCUSES out of the way.

It's been a long week, even with the Holiday......and even with not a whole lots to do. Like most times I give myself a start date and plan of action, something always seems to come up (Yes, I am blaming not RE- starting a better eating and exercise plan, avoiding all screens and oh yeah forget the nicotine issue on this) THE LAWS OF NATURE/SYNERGY/KARMA what-ever......(I said this was an Excuse) SOMETHING always seems to get in the way, and his week it was a sick child. Nothing makes eating and exercise more difficult then being STUCK at home surrounded by temptations and not an exercise bike in sight! Not to mention...when is the best time to be lazy watching tv and spending hours on the computer stalking then when your quarantined to the house and you've got a sick child to cuddle with.  With the Normal routine out of whack trying to incorporate a better more healthy routine just seemed impossible. (AGAIN...I know this is an excuse). Of Course I could have ran to the gym when hubby came home early Thursday afternoon instead of making a break away to do the bi-weekly grocery shopping....(although I did have a May 31st deadline on several coupons in my stack). And....I did go to work myself on Friday and I could just have easily packed a healthy lunch and made a bee line to the gym on Friday after work...hubby was home with mentioned sick kid...could have even taken the Princess with me after I picked her up....There WAS no immediacy for me to get home....well, actually 2 secs after the Princess got into the van she needed to get home ASAP to go to a friends camp for the weekend. There goes that idea. Once HOME, it's almost impossible to get me back out the door. As far as avoiding the screens.....I have stalked more blogs, fb's, coupon hunting, pintrest exploring, you-tubed my future vacations, watched a BBC documentary on the sunning of the Amish, caught two Disney movies, two Redbox movies, three episodes of the Real Housewife's, and a two hour special on REAL LIVE MERMAIDS. ( That is just what I can remember). Not once this week of no work til Friday, did I scrapbook, read my Dragon Tattoo, take a walk or ride my bike, clean the house, paint my bed room, which I started over a month ago, vacuum the pool, pick up the yard, walk the what I ate, NO! not a single solitary productive thing. OH DO I SUCK!!!!!

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