Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling Yucky and Slugish today. Could have slept longer....coffee just isn't doing it for me. Feeling a little disgusted with myself, and just plain old dont have it in me to do what I need to do. Accomplished everything on my short list for yesterday...which usually brings me joy....but nothing was completed despite my efforts. I find that I have all this inspiration to GET it done, then when the event, item, chore, demand is sitting in front of me...it all seems like a mountain much to tall to climb. yesterday I had it all in my head that I was ABSOLUTELY under no excuses was I going to stray from my once again announced plan to loose weight...I set out well, went to the gym, did what I needed to do that morning, called on the FA for my son, called the IRS too. Called the pool place for some ideas on my pump, did a little cleaning and when there was NO resolution with any of my needs mentioned above, (I'm still at a loss with the FA, I'm not sure if the IRS is sending a transcript because the call was not so clear, the pool place pretty much said I'm gonna have to buy a new pump for $426-, and my cleaning effforts ended shortly after I got frusterated with the IRS call) I found myself sitting fat ass on the couch watching TV I dont care about and shoveling food down my throat. Not that I was expecting the scales to inch down this morning I did take a peek and really wanted to ralph!!! We have our last theater tickets tonight and there is some event at little man's school, hubby just informed me that there is also a concert in the area where the theater is which will make parking a bitch and suddenly I am not interested in going at all and just want to come home from work stuff my face and call it a night. This whole week is busy. I am hosting a candle party on Thursday, at first I was excited and some friends I havent seen for a while might attend, now I am dreading the evening....and just want to call the whole thing off. It just seems like for someone with so much time...I dont have any. I cant seem to wrap myself around all that needs to be done and why I cannot stay on task long enough to accomplish what needs to be done. Well....gonna try day #2 of weight loss, gonna plan to leave extra early for the theater so I dont have to deal with the traffic, unsure if we will make it to Little Mans school this afternoon, and hoping that the day just goes smooth. Kids are struggling to get moving already....guessing thats a sign that the day will definately NOT be smooth sailing.

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