Monday, May 14, 2012

OH My!!!! I can actually get back on here. I was out of the blog world for like over a month. I figured I just would never be able to blog again and took a try today and lookie lookie! It has been so long I really have so much to catch up on or I have nothing to say at all. I am not liking this new design and it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out just how to post. Quick Quick.....any big new NEWS???? Pool pump  has died. We do not have another $400- to replace right now....pool looks like a NASTY pond no animals or lilly pads just yet....but we gotta do something soon. I have submitted my licensure application...which in part is why we don't have an extra $400- right now. I am not allowing my part time JOB not my career or my LIFE get me crazy and poof! Once I let that go....things have been so much better with that place. I have been obsessing about my son's college finances. Nothing has been more anxiety provoking then doing FA for your college bound first child. What a headache. Crossing fingers that this will proceed nicely. Mother's day was so hubby got me the "classey" porn book- 50 Shades of Grey.... Even I am BLUSHING. Kids did their normal hi mom happy mother's day now can I have some money. Just kidding. Nick and My mom have been busy doing landscaping and it looks amazing. I have totally been so proud of my BUDGET shopping and make a full list of must haves, I wants and we needs- Only thing that was not crossed off on the list was "Grey" and as I mentioned Hubby go that. I finally got a new cell-phone. It's an android phone and has all the bells and whistles.....One place wanted $179.99 I got mine for $100- minus the $20- gift card I found jamed in my wallet. I also got my bike, a new air mattress for the BIG vacation in June, and's not a gazaboo...but a pop up canopy. Friend down the street got a nice one...I'm calling her bitch until I get one of my own....but then the pump died and since I dont think she's a bitch and it's going to be like forever before I have the funds for that I guess I'll start calling her by her name again. WHAT ELSE???? Oh I am so sure that there has been so many more things that I have missed, but for now I am just happy to be able to access my blog again! Oh Happy Day.

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